Monday, 27 May 2013

Model's Own: Bubblegum Ice Neon

 As dull and rainy as today has been, there is one polish that can brighten any day; Model's Own Bubblegum neon.

 I love this colour so much! It's so vibrant and perfect for summer. And even if summer doesn't arrive, this mood-lifting colour will definitely put a smile on your face :)

 Bubblegum is one of five of Model's Own Ice Neon collection, that you can see here


 As usual, I have done a comparison of shiny and matte with this colour, as you can see in the picture below. Which do you prefer? 

Shiny or Matte? 
 I preferred the matte effect, which I did by using Rimmel's Pro Matte Lycra top coat, just because I love matte at the moment. But here's a picture of the how it looks straight out of the bottle, which I love too:

  •  The formula is nice, there's nothing worse than a gloopy formula, but this is great, it applies nicely and dries quite quickly too.
  •  I would suggest, as I always do, to wear a top coat though, as it chipped on two of my nails without one, before I had mattified it!
  •  The colour is great, it's so bright and really stands out. I have been told that using a white base coat will make the colour 'pop' more, but I think this one does without one.

 Overall, I love Model's Own Bubblegum Ice Neon. I can see myself wearing it a lot over summer and am looking forward to trying the others in the collection :) 


What do you think of Bubblegum?

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