Thursday, 16 May 2013

Model's Own: Pink Fizz



 I recently bought my first Model's Own polishes, and on my blog today I will be showing you some pictures and doing a short review of the first I have tried; Pink Fizz.

 I absolutely LOVE Pink Fizz! It's a light pink glitter that has a silver to it also. It's really pretty and feminine. I love glitter polishes, and would like to have covered all of my nails in it, but decided that it would be nice to pair it with a very neutral colour. So, I used Barry M Jelly polish in Lychee :) 


Model's Own: Pink Fizz
Barry M: Gelly Hi-Shine - Lychee

The Design:

 I knew I wanted to have two of my nails covered in glitter - it's so sparkly like this, but unfortunately the pictures don't show how sparkly it really is. Then, I couldn't decide what to do on the other nails, so did a Barry M Lychee base coat and then had to choose between two ideas; glitter tips or glitter gradient:

Glitter Tips
Glitter Gradient

 I liked them both but decided to go with glitter tips :) What do you think? Do you think I should have done the gradient instead?

 I really like matte nails at the moment, so used Rimmel's Lycra Pro Matte Finish Mattifying Top Coat (a bit of a mouthful!) on the Lychee colour. However, I decided that this design looked better shiny with the glitter. I've attached a picture below of the shiny and matte difference but the picture doesn't really show the effect as much as I had hoped it would:

Shiny / Matte

 Here's some pictures of the finished design:

 I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's also a very quick, easy, but effective design, which was great for me because I did them during my revision break, as shown below :P

Nails > Chemistry Degree


 Model's Own Pink Fizz gives fantastic glitter coverage, even with just one coat! 

1 Coat
2 Coats
3 Coats

 It's very easy to apply; I even managed to do the glitter tips neatly without using guide stickers, which I didn't expect to be able to do with a glitter polish.

 I would definitely recommend this polish, I would say it's the best glitter polish I have used so far. The colour is beautiful, it's full of glitter so gives great coverage, and applies nicely. 
 I'm very impressed with Model's Own polishes so far, so I am looking forward to trying my others and then buying some more after my polish-spending ban ends after June! But for £5, it's not going to break the bank for anyone considering buying it, which I would recommend because it's great - my new favourite polish!

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