Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Aboriginal Nail Art

 Just a short post today about the Aboriginal nail art I did last night, or Aborigi-nails as my boyfriend decided to name them. I got inspiration for this theme from my Aboriginal photo frame, and as I've not seen much Aboriginal nail art around, I thought it would be a good idea to give it a go. I loved doing Aboriginal art during my GCSEs, so this was really fun to do and brought back loads of memories!

So, here they are:

Aboriginal Nail Art Showing the Lizard in Full

Aboriginal Nail Art

 I mainly used Barry M's polishes and nail art pens to create this design. These pens are great for lines, dots, outlines and filling in colour. I was going to use some nail beads on the dotted patterns but thought it could end up looking messy. Here's what I used:

Barry M: Lychee, Gold Foil, Clear top & base coat, Nail Art Pens in Black, White & Silver
Avon: Lucky Penny, Nail Art Tool
Rio: Nail Art Pens

 Aboriginal art contains a lot of dots, symbols and animals such as lizards and kangaroos, so I tried to include as many of these as I could. Here are some pictures that inspired my design:

 I really love my little lizard! I thought spreading it across two nails would be more interesting, and allow for a bigger design:


 What do you think of my Aboriginal nails? Will you be trying it out? Make sure you send me your pictures if you do :)


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  1. It is a very nice idea to make use of nail paint. Designs seem really well look wise when painted on nails. I never tried it but now having a strong spirit to do that.
    Aboriginal Art