Saturday, 15 June 2013

Barry M: Sequin Nail Effect in White


 Today I'll be showing you some swatches of Barry M's Sequin Nail Effect polish in White, and I'll also be doing a review.

 I've had this polish for over a month but have only just got round to trying it as my sister had borrowed it off me! I've also got this polish in Black so I'll be doing a post on that soon.

Sequin Nail Effects
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 There's been mixed views on Barry M's Sequin Nail polishes, most people seem to be disappointed with them though. I think it is because the polish is textured, so the mix of texture and sequins makes the polish very thick and clumpy on the nail.

 However, I tried a different way of applying it to try and avoid this clumpy look, and I think it has worked well: I used Barry M's matte white as a base coat, then applied a very thin layer of the white Sequin polish. The sequins don't cover the whole nail this way though, so on parts where there were no sequins, I dabbed individual sequins on with the brush to get full sequin coverage. But I thought the sequins looked great when the whole nail wasn't covered, so maybe I will stick with the thin layer in future. I then finished with two layers of Barry M's top coat, this smoothed out the texture and secures the glitter flat on the nail. Here's the result:

 The clumping happens if you just paint the Sequin polish straight on to your nail without a white base coat, because it's tempting to put a few layers of Sequin polish on to cover your nails with the white background colour. The more sequins and layers you apply, the clumpier and messier it will look.

- Barry M's White Sequin polish is pretty if applied thinly.
- The sequins are nice, bright colours, and stand out, making the polish very eye-catching on your nails.
- It is very thick due to the texture and sequins so difficult to apply, it also clumps round the inside neck of the bottle making it quite messy to use.
- From a distance my nails look really nice! Very close up you can see the texture which I'm not overly keen on, but as I have applied it thinly it looks a lot better than other swatches I've seen, so I would definitely recommend applying it how I have, or even less polish than I have used would look better!

 What are your thoughts on the Sequin effect polishes? Do you have any techniques you use to make the application easier and look tidier at the end?


  1. I wasn't a huge fan of the Sequin nail polish. I used a base coat, but I applied the polish so it was quite thick, which must've been my problem, as your nails look fab! I'll have to give it another go :) fab review and a great idea of how to apply!
    - Olivia x