Friday, 7 June 2013

Colourful Mosaic


 Today's post is about my colourful mosaic nails, or you might know them as stained glass window nails. I actually did these about a week ago to enter into Barry M's Facebook nail art competition, and I didn't win anything :( But either way, I still think they're very creative, summery and something to be proud of.

 So here they are:

Mosaic / Stained Glass Window nails
 I started off with two coats of Model's Own Blueberry Muffin. To create the double dots, I used Avon's Nail Art Tool (shown a bit further down) to do larger dots of bright colours (using Barry M gellies), and once these had dried, I used this dotting tool again to place white dots on top. It's very simple, but effective, and a nice change to the usual single dots.

Avon Nail Art Tool with a brush and dotting tool
Double Dots!
 Now the mosaic bit is slightly tricky. I used a thin brush to randomly place small patches of colour all over the nail. I used 5 different colours so there was a very small chance of the same colour being too close. This will look quite messy to start with, but be patient! Once this had dried, I used Barry M's white nail art pen to draw lines between the patches of colour. This really neatens the design up. If I did it again I would just do one layer with the pen, because when I went over it again the line was too thick and ruined the design! You can change the type of mosaic pattern you get by changing the size and shape of the colourful patches, here's two types I tried:

Which do you prefer?
 As I said previously, I used Model's Own Blueberry Muffin as a base colour, a light colour is best for this design as it means the colourful mosaic bit will stand out more. The other colours I used were all from Barry M's Gelly collection, these include Guava, Key Lime, Mango, Plum and Pomegranate.

 Although this design takes a bit of patience, I think it is really worth it in end. The time and effort paid off when I had people commenting on how nice they were. But I also had people thinking they were nail wraps and didn't believe I hadn't done them myself! 

 So, what do you think? Will you be trying them yourself? Don't forget to send me pictures (@TheNailyMail) if you do!


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  2. Oops, had to delete comment cos I didn't realise I couldn't use those picture smilie things! But...

    I know a lot of time has passed since your post, but I just had to say - I love it!!! and it's an absolute travesty that you didn't win... I'm impatient to give it a go myself, but I don't have a white nail art pen :-( yet ;-) So I'm gonna try it with a silver one - see, you've inspired me :-D Thanks, love - and for your fab pics!