Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Models Own: Ibiza Mix

 We all love glitter polishes, don't we? So I couldn't resist adding another to my collection; Models Own Ibiza Mix.

Models Own (Hedkandi) Ibiza Mix

 This glitter polish contains loads of different sizes and colours of glitter in a clear varnish. You can use one coat to give a confetti effect like I have, or could use a few layers for full glitter coverage. There's hexagons and smaller circles of gold, pink, turquoise, orange and blue. You might be able to see them in the pictures below, they're quite bad quality pictures though, sorry!

 Ibiza Mix is so pretty, the colours really make it sparkle and stand out. I put it over a white base coat so you could see the pieces of glitter easier, however I have also quickly tried it over other colours like black, turquoise and orange, and they all looked really nice too!

 I love Models Own polishes, they have great formulas and are different - I find them all really interesting! - so they're also great value. It's definitely worth giving them a try if you haven't already.

 What do you think of Ibiza Mix? I've bought a few more Models Own glitter polishes so I'm looking forward to trying them. Can you recommend any others I should buy?

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  1. I really like this polish!its one of my favs!ooh yeh the other Hed Kandi glitter polish is awesome too- forgotten its name but its a mixed glitter!:)

    1. It could be Sunset chill out? The other Hed Kandi glitter I have is Disco Mix. This is definitely one of my favourites though! x

  2. Ibiza Mix has to be one of my all time favourite glitters x