Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Guest Post from Pinkglow's Pretty Polish - Pastels

 It's an exciting day on The Naily Mail today, I have a guest post from Aimée at Pinkglow's Pretty Polish, she is a fellow nail art blogger of mine and I am very proud to have her post on my blog today. I love her nail art and reading her blog, she has also helped me a lot on my blogging journey, so I am very excited to share her work with you. 

 For our guest posts we decided on a pastel theme. The aim was to come up with any design using pastel colours. So let's start off with our lovely guest blogger, here's Pinkglow:

 Fruit Pastel Candy Stripes

Hello all,
My name is Aimée AKA Pinkglow's Pretty Polish.  I am a blogger based in London and I have always loved painting my nails.  I joined the blogging world about a year ago and am loving posting and sharing my creations with everyone.  I have come across so many lovely blogs in the last few months and I am so excited to be doing a guest post on The Naily Mail.  This is my first guest post and it's been fun thinking of a design that I hope you would all like to see.  Lauren and I discussed what we were going to do for our guest posts on each other's blogs and we decided that we would use pastel colours to create a mani of our choice. So here goes...

 I created my design using Models Own Fruit Pastels in Apple Pie, Grape Juice and Strawberry Tart.  These are such beautiful colours and they smell delicious! How can you go wrong with yummy smelling polish right?
I painted my index finger, middle finger and little finger one block colour and left my thumb and ring finger for feature nails.  I had originally planned to use gold on my feature nails with striping tape, but things didn't quite work out as I had planned in my head!  Sometimes isn't that just the way?  I wanted to stick with stripes so I went with alternating multi colours of those from my other nails.  I painted my stripes free hand with a thin striping brush.  I dotted a little bit of polish onto some scrap paper and painted each stripe in a uniform pattern, cleaning my brush in between each colour as I went.

I hope you have enjoyed my guest post and if you like what you see and want to stop by you can find me on my blog, Pinkglow's Pretty Polish, on Twitter (@pinkglowspolish), Instagram (@pinkglow13) and on my Facebook page.

Pinkglow x

 I love this candy stripe pastel design, what do you think? Leave me a comment below :)

 Thank you Pinkglow for your great guest post, I'd definitely like to have you back again!

 I am also guest posting on Pinkglow's Pretty Polish today, where you will see my take on the pastel theme. Here's a sneak peak, but be sure to head over there to see the rest:


  1. So cute! I just got my Models Own pastel set last night and the smell is gorgeous - this looks like a simple design that I could have a go at. :)

    Elenya x

    1. It's such a great set. I can't stop smelling my nails when I wear them - I must look really weird! xx

  2. I love both of these designs! I like that you both agreed to use pastels so they'd have the same theme.

    I love the stripes on pinkglow's mani, it's subtle but really pretty.

    And The mosaic on yours is amazing! Must have taken forever, I'm going over to PinkGlow now to read how you did it :-) xx

    1. They're great aren't they, especially as she did them free hand, I don't have hands that steady!

      Thank you so much! It did take quite a while but I love mosaic patterns so much that they are worth the effort! xx

  3. Such a beautiful design, the stripes are the perfect colors and look great together! Beautiful nail art :) x