Sunday, 4 August 2013


 So I'm going on holiday tomorrow and everything is a bit rushed as usual! But I thought I'd just do a quick post to say that I might not be able to write any new blog posts because I'm not sure if I'm taking my laptop yet, depends if the weight limit allows, and it's not looking likely! Hopefully I'll still be able to get on Twitter on my phone though. So please bear with me if I'm quiet over the next 2 weeks!

 A few days ago I was going to ask a couple of people if they wanted to do guest posts on my blog while I'm away, but I didn't get round to it and probably wouldn't have had time to sort it all out looking back now anyway. But when I'm back I would like to have a few guest posts on my blog because I think it's a good way to share other people's blogs with my readers.

 It was so difficult to choose what nail varnishes to take on holiday with me, I can only take a few but I look at the others and think 'oh no what if I need that one!', but I've gone for bright colours and glitters. I'm taking a nail brush incase I get round to doing some nail art but I don't think I will do. I wish I could take more, but I'm already having to sacrifice things to allow for just these few (stupid weight limits!).

 I'll be back in 2 weeks so if you don't get a reply from me I'm not being rude, I'll reply either when I get back or have Internet! It's terrible how much we rely on the Internet isn't it?! Anyway, enough babble from me, it's time to finish packing! 

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