Thursday, 22 August 2013

Leopard Print Nail Art

 Today I've got another half & half manicure to show you, similar to the zebra one I posted on Monday. However, this time I have gone for leopard print.

 I'm not the best at doing leopard print designs but I think this one went quite well. What do you think?


 To create this I used Barry M's Gold Foil Effect, Matt White and black nail pen. I also used MUA's Nail Constellation beads to define the split between the two halves of the design.

 I'm pleased with how this turned out. It's not as neat as my zebra design, but I think that could be due to the Foil Effect polish - it shows every little imperfection like brush lines and dents!

 Here's the zebra design I did:

 Which do you prefer? Zebra or leopard?

 I've got some more ideas similar to these so keep checking back over the next week or so to see them! Any guesses at what animal I'm doing next?

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  1. I like them both! It's such an effective idea to do a half and half!

    I'm guess giraffe next!

    1. Good guess! I got the idea after you said my mosaic nail art looked like giraffe print! :) x

  2. I think I slightly prefer the zebra design because that pink is gorgeous! Think I will have to treat myself to it now. I've been looking through your blog lately and every time it makes me want to buy another models own polish so I need to get saving...

    Jo xxxxx

    1. Me too - I just love Bubblegum, it's my favourite polish and I would definitely recommend it.

      Ooops! Sorry for being a bad influence haha. They are definitely worth buying though, they are fantastic polishes x