Saturday, 24 August 2013

Rimmel's Nail Nurse

UPDATE: You can read my review of Rimmel London's Nail Nurse set here


Today's been a good day - I got nail mail! I don't think I've ever ran so fast to get the door. But when I got there I couldn't find my keys! So I shouted through the letter box to the post man and ran round the back of the house, my hair was wrapped in a towel, but I didn't care, I was just so excited! So what was in my nail mail you ask? 

 This cute little ambulance that has 4 nail care products (nail nurses) sitting in the back!

 This is Rimmel's new nail care set called 'Nail Nurse'. The products inside are a base and top coat, colour protect and perfect, nail repair and nail strengthener. I won this in a competition Rimmel were having on Twitter, I still can't believe I won!

 When the package first arrived it only had the ambulance in and I was very disappointed, because even though I was grateful for winning, I was really looking forward to trying the products, especially as my nails are in need of some care lately. But a couple of days later Rimmel sent me a message saying sorry that the product was missing and it was being sent out asap. So the products arrived today along with two lipsticks as an apology present!

 I'm planning on doing a review of the products but it will be in about two weeks. One of the products is a two week treatment so I want to make sure they all have time to work properly so I can give a good review.

 So that was my excitement for the day. I'm very jealous to see people with the new Models Own Velvet Goth and Fireworks collections, but at least I have my Nail Nurse set to play with until I manage to get my hands in the collections!

 Anyone else had any interesting nail mail lately or waiting for it to arrive?

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