Thursday, 19 September 2013

Leopard Print Nail Art

 I'm definitely not ready for Autumn yet. The past week or two I have been trying to ease myself in slowly by wearing Autumn colours, but today I felt like a change. Who says your nails have to match the typical colours of the season? I love bright colours and eye-catching nail art, so that's exactly what I went for:

 I love leopard print because it is really easy to do but looks so effective, especially as you can have all sorts of colour combinations!

 For this colourful design I have used Barry M's Mango and Guava, both from the Gelly Nail Effects collection (you can see/buy them here!) These are great because the colours are so vibrant and they dry really shiny. Barry M's Gellys are easy to apply, great quality and leave your nails looking very professional. 

 Guava is one of my favourite polishes - it's such a beautiful colour. You can see my swatches and a review of Guava here.

 I got the inspiration for this design and colour combination when I was shopping a few days ago, I saw some leggings that were turqiouse with orange leopard print on, and although I wouldn't wear them on my legs I instantly thought 'that would look great on my nails!'. 

 I was considering putting some glitter inside some of the bigger spots but decided against it because it might have looked a bit too much with these bright colours. What do you think?

 Have you moved onto Autumn colours yet or are you still grasping onto summer? Let me know what you think of my bright leopard print nails and of any leopard print colour combinations you love!


  1. wow they are so cool! I really want to try to do that :) xx