Monday, 2 September 2013

New Things!

 Hello everyone!

 I've had a busy few days, but on Friday I found a couple of spare hours in which I decided to go polish shopping! I have been very good and not bought any polish for about 2 months now, so obviously I had to reward myself! My work shirt also got pooed on by a bird when it was on the washing line (of all places it had to land down the back of my shirt!) and I had to wash and dry it really quick in time for work, so I needed de-stressing, and that was another reason to go shopping! 

 I set out to buy OPI Liquid Sand, a couple of Models Own, a quick drying top coat and Borjois Magic Polish Remover. It was a bit of a disappointing trip actually, I couldn't find Liquid Sand anywhere, Superdrug's Models Own range isn't very big and my local Boots doesn't even stock Models Own. I did come back with a couple of things though, here's what I got:

 I've been looking for a quick and easy way to take off polish for a while so when I seen that Borjois '1 Second Magic Polish Remover' had such great reviews I though I definitely need to get it. I've tried it out and so far I'm not overly impressed. I took a lot longer than 1 second and a quick twist of the nail to get it off, but I was wearing quite a few layers so I'm willing to give it another go. I'll write a review once I've given it chance to show me what it can really do.

 I had also wanted a fast drying top coat for ages and had been looking at Salley Hansen's Insta-Dri for a while after it was recommended by a few people. I've eventually got it and so far so good! 

 Another thing I had been waiting to buy is one of Models Own Lipstix. The shade I wanted, Beauty Blush, had been out of stock on their website for a couple of weeks now so I decided to get it from Superdrug and use my points to buy it. So it was basically free, yay!

 Whilst I was at the Models Own stand I noticed there was only one 'Indian Ocean' left and my sister loves that shade. So I decided to buy her her first ever Models Own polish :)

 So that was my shopping trip! As you can tell I had wanted a lot of these things for a while, so I'm very happy to finally have my hands on them! But I was actually very annoyed thinking back, I tried to buy my Sally Hansen top coat using my Boots points. The top coat was £5.99 and I had £4.50 on my card. Here's what happened when I came to pay:

Me: Can I pay for it using my points please?
Man: Let's see if you've got enough.
Me: Oh I think I need to pay a bit towards it.
Man: Sorry you can't do that. You can't pay using part points and part cash.

 So I left it and bought it from Superdrug instead.

 How ridiculous is that?! Has anyone else ever come across this because I'm sure that's not right?! Let me know!

 This morning I have placed an order on the Models Own website. I waited a couple of weeks to do it so I could get a couple of polishes from the new Velvet Goth collection, however instead of just a couple I got the whole box set! So I'm looking forward to that arriving!

 Has anyone else bought anything new recently? 

 Sorry for the wordy post today, I'm in quite a chatty mood and had a lot to tell you! I also had an incident with two exploding eggs this morning, but I'll save that story for another time!

 I'll be giving a different type of nail art a go today. I've already tried it a couple of times and it keeps failing, but I'm determined to find my own method that I can hopefully share with you!


  1. I like the bourgeois polish remover but only use it when I non glitter polish on. Sally Hanson insta dri is my usual top coat I bought a load from TKMAX quite cheap awhile back but they haven't had any in recently. I bought all of the velvet goth range apart from the green one. My local boots put them out early before the official release date. I have only tried the red and blue so far and love the blue. The red isn't as good but still pretty.

    1. Lucky you! I hated having to wait for them but I finally got them today :D I'm starting to like the Bourjois polish remover now, it has redeemed itself :)

  2. Boots changed the points thing quite a few year ago now where you couldn't pay part in points! I think it was getting too tricky because people would try and pay for all sorts I bits with part points and I think they wanted to avoid that so just made it that you had to have the full amount in points - I try not to moan too much about it because they are very generous overall with their points system in general so I usually end up getting bits for 'free' here and there when I buy just a couple of bits from there! Having said that, I went in there today for two things and came out with 6!! Lol!!

    1. Yeah they are very generous, my points seem to go up really fast even though I hardly shop there so I shouldn't complain, I was just bit annoyed that I couldn't treat myself using them when I wanted. But they're still adding up and I'm looking forward to using them on something soon!

  3. I have tried the purple velvet goth now. I glossed it up with sally hanson insta dri though. I know it kind if defeats the point but I am very much a shiny nails kind of girl(I am the same anonymous as the fist comment just don't have any of the accounts listed to post under) XSherryX

    1. I know what you mean! I think I'll be glossing up the purple one when I get round to trying it. I have just posted Obsidian, the black one from the collection, and I prefer that matte, although I do like to try both matte and shiny for a comparison!