Thursday, 10 October 2013

BCA Month Design 2

 It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) through October and many nail artists are creating designs to help raise awareness of breast cancer. If you missed my first design last week then you can check it out here. Here's my second design:

 Plenty of pink! For this I have used Avon's Viva Pink. Did you know that for every Viva Pink Avon sell, they give £1 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer? Check it out here

 Just like last week's design I have gone for a different pattern on each nail. I think this makes them more eye-catching, and the aim of doing these BCA designs is to get people to notice them and raise awareness of breast cancer. Last week's design had a great response and was noticed by a waitress, people in shops and customers in work as well as friends, family and people from Uni, so this is a really easy way of spreading awareness and I hope this design can do the same.

 Throughout October I am doing some fundraising by painting my BCA designs on to false nails to sell and giving 50% of the price to breast cancer charities. At the moment I have only raised about £20, let's hope I can raise some more by the end of the month :)

 What do you think of my second BCAM design? Why don't you try some designs out to raise some awareness yourselves, I'd love to see what you come up with :)

 Don't forget to buy your bottle of Viva Pink from Avon here, not only do you get a lovely pink polish (I love Avon polishes!), £1 will be donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer too (it's a win-win situation!)

 You can find out more about BCAM and how you can donate to breast cancer charities on the following websites:
 If you do decide to make some BCA designs then either tweet them to me or leave me a comment here, I love seeing everyones different ideas :)

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