Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Polish Party October Challenge - Halloween

 Happy Halloween!

 I've seen so many people getting into the Halloween spirit over these past couple of weeks and I'm feeling very boring! In previous years I've gone all-out with some crazy costumes, my favourite has to be when I dressed up as a pumpkin, I even stuffed my costume with pillows to make me round. I thought it looked great but it wasn't fun when I fell over in my friends garden and they rolled me around on the floor!

 Today's post is a Polish Party post (if you don't know who the amazing Polish Party are then you can find out more and see our previous monthly challenges here). October's theme is Halloween and we were all very excited about it! I had planned to do a few different Halloween designs throughout October because I had so many ideas, then I would choose my favourite for Polish Party. I've been so busy though, so I've only managed to do one which was 2 weeks ago! Luckily I was happy enough with it so I saved posting it until now.

 So, what spooky design did I do?

 SPIDERS! (I hope I have no arachnophobe readers!)

 For this I have used Models Own Obsidian from the Velvet Goth collection. I don't usually wear black polish because it's dull and boring, but Obsidian is an exception - I love how sparkly and eye-catching it is! If you want to read a bit more about Obsidian and see some more nail art I have created with it, then click here to see my 50/50 Monochrome nails (it's one of my best/favourite designs!). I also used Barry M Matt White and white and black nail pens to draw the spiders and web.

 Looking back at the (very bad) pictures now, I have realised it would have looked SO much better matte rather than shiny. I do prefer keeping my Velvet Goth polishes in their original matte finish so I really don't know why I decided to put a shiny top coat over this design! What do you think? Shiny or matte?


 I hope you like my spider nails! Don't forget to check out the other Polish Party members Halloween designs, you will find links to them all below :)

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  1. I love these! They remind me on Venom from SpiderMan3 (Yes I'm a geek!)