Saturday, 23 November 2013

Jacava London: Midnights Secrets*

 I have been so excited to show you this absolutely stunning polish from Jacava London!

 Midnight's Secrets* is a gorgeous metallic blue. I've been wearing it for 4 days now and I just can't stop looking at my nails, exclaiming to anyone nearby that 'it's just so beautiful!'. I love how luminous it is, it's as if there's a light underneath the nail making the polish so vibrant and shiny.

 If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my tweet about 'the most beautiful blue polish I have ever seen', well this is the one I was on about. Would you agree?! 

 I was in an extremely boring lecture on Wednesday so started admiring my nails and couldn't help taking a sneaky picture to show everyone on Twitter as a sneak preview for this swatch and review post. Just look how shiny it is! This picture was taken in artificial light where the colour looks slightly darker, whereas the rest were taken in natural light.

 As with all Jacava polishes, I was very impressed at how effortlessly Midnight's Secrets applied. The long, narrow brush allows for neat application meaning I didn't have to do any clean-up around my nails when I swatched this, which was a miracle with my shaky hands! 

 As you can see from the pictures this polish gives a very professional finish. Believe it or not, all of the pictures (excluding the one taken mid-lecture) were taken without a top coat, and it is still so smooth and glossy! 



- High quality: smooth and quick to apply leaving no streaks or clumps,

- Only one coat was needed for opaqueness, 
- It dries surprisingly quickly,
- Shiny, professional finish,
- Beautiful, deep, vibrant colour, 
- The long wand and brush applies polish effortlessly, in fact they are long enough for the brush to reach the bottom of the bottle meaning you can get more or less every drop of polish out (I think this is a fantastic idea!),
- '8-free', this means they are free from many of the nasty chemicals that are often found in nail polishes and they also aren't tested on animals! Read more about it here.

 I definitely agree with Jacava that this is a luxury polish, not only does it leave your nails looking incredible, but the application is also luxurious. This goes for all of their polishes, I have been very impressed by the ones I have tried so far, you can see and read about them here.


 Jacava polishes retail for £14.50 on their website which initially I thought was quite a lot being someone who doesn't tend to buy higher priced polishes. However, the more I use their polishes the more I realise that they really are worth it. If you're struggling to think of things to get for Christmas, maybe pop one of them on your wishlist and give them a go, my personal favourites are Chillax, Marrakesh Nights and of course Midnight's Secrets. 

 What do you think of Midnight's Secrets? Do you have a blue polish to rival this one? Leave me a comment :)

* Product supplied for review - views expressed are my own. Read Disclaimer.

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