Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Rimmel London: Pulsating - Mosaic Nail Art

 Hi everyone,

 Just a quick post today to show you some nail art I have done with my most recent purchase; Rimmel London's Pulsating. I had been after a colour like this for a while, and although it is more of a 'summer colour' I'm looking forward to wearing it over the Christmas party season, plus we all need something to brighten us up in this gloomy weather!

 If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I LOVE mosaic designs, and guess what, I've done another one! This is my 6th mosaic design now (see them all here), but I would say this is the simplest of them all because in the others I have mixed in a gradient or something else to complicate things, whereas this is quite plain.

 I usually do my mosaics free-hand, but on my last mosaic I used striping tape and loved the textured effect it gives, so I used striping tape again for this one. However, once again I proved that I am hopeless at using striping tape (how that's possible I do not know), so I ended up doing a mix of striping tape and free-hand!

 Pulsating is a lovely colour, but I must say it looks even better with a matte top coat on (I used Rimmel's Pro Matte). Oh, and Rimmel if you are reading this, pleeeeease bring back your Pro Matte top coat, I'm sure I am speaking on behalf of a lot of polish lovers out there, it is greatly missed!

 If there's on thing I would change it would have to be the shapes of the mosaic. I think it would have looked a bit neater and more effective if I had made the triangles the same shapes and sizes and in an 'organised' pattern. What do you think?

 Leave me a comment and links to any mosaic designs you have done, I'd love to see :)

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  1. I love the colour of this nail polish.. I love the matte effect.
    I may have the perfect nail art challenge for you that is commencing in 2014 (which is only a scary 7 weeks away!). It includes prizes to be won, and I'd love for you to get involved. Hop over to my blog post to read more! x

  2. That polish looks nice and I like the nail art too.