Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ciaté: Pepperminty

I have a swatch of another lovely colour from my Ciaté Mini Mani Month calendar today; Pepperminty

(Apologies for the quality of the pictures, my boyfriend has gone to Geneva and took the camera with him so I had to use my phone!)

I love mint green colours so I was very excited when I opened door number 12 to reveal Pepperminty.

I've not been in a nail art mood lately which is a shame as I have had some great ideas for Christmas nail art, just no motivation or patience to do them. But I felt like jazzing Pepperminty up a little bit so I added a bit of glitter. I'm not quite sure what you would call this design, it's like an inverted half moon mani - please let me know if you know what it's called!

It was really easy to do, I did it free hand which wasn't a problem. I firstly painted a splodge of white by my cuticle and then painted the rest of the nail and created the arc with Pepperminty. I then added a bit of Avon's white glitter pot to the white bit, just to make at least a little bit Christmassy! 

Very simple but I think it looks great. And I love Pepperminty, it stands out a lot more than I first thought it would.

What do you think of Pepperminty? 

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  1. Very pretty, and I love this one too! And the one in today's door also <3 x