Monday, 23 December 2013

My Top Ten Polishes

Hi everyone,

A slightly different post today; I thought I'd share my Top Ten favourite polishes with you. I love reading posts like these because it often introduces you to new polishes, or even new brands, that maybe you hadn't heard of before, or hadn't considered buying. It took me a while but I finally managed to pick out my Top Ten!

Can you spot any of your favourites?

I hope you enjoy reading it, and I'd love to know if you share any of my Top Ten favourites!

  •  Models Own - Bubblegum.

This polish is my pride and joy, and I'm very protective over it. It's been a popular one with my family, they quite often ask to borrow it, but I only let them under supervision! I took it on holiday with me and kept it in the mini fridge and I was so paranoid about the maid stealing it!

I love how luminous Bubblegum is, it's perfect for the summer. In the pictures above I've got it both matte and shiny, I prefer it matte but which do you prefer? My all time favourite polish :)

Bubblegum Swatch
Zebra Nail Art

  •  Jacava London - Midnight's Secrets.

This is such a beautiful colour, it is the most stunning blue you will ever see. I love Jacava polishes because they are such fantastic quality. Jacava are a fairly new brand to me and I instantly fell in love with them.

Midnight's Secrets is one of those polishes that you just can't stop staring at. When I last wore it I just kept randomly exploding with excitement and exclaiming my love for it! I'm sure many people thought I was very strange, but they certainly agreed that it is extremely beautiful!

- Midnight's Secrets Swatch

  • Models Own - Obsidian.

Ohhh it was so hard to choose my favourite Velvet Goth! I decided to go with the one I wear most often, Obsidian. What I love about Obsidian is that although it is a black polish it isn't dull or boring like other black polishes. I tend to steer away from dark colours but with Obsidian my nails still feel bright and lively. The Velvet Goth polishes dry matte, I know a lot of people add a shiny top coat, but for me this is a major crime to do with Obsidian, it must stay matte!!

The picture above shows my favourite manicure ever, I was extremely proud of it :)

- Obsidian (50/50 Monochrome)

  • Jacava London - Chillax.

When I saw a picture of Chillax for the first time I knew I had to have it because it was such an unusual colour. In fact, it's like the metallic version of another favourite of mine, Barry M's Guava, except Chillax is quite a bit more expensive! I love the different tones throughout it that unfortunately don't show up very well in pictures!

- Chillax Swatch

  • Avon - Sea Breeze.

 Sea Breeze is such a beautiful colour. For the past few years I have always used it on holiday - it looks amazing when I've got a bit of a tan on my hands! This is also one of my mum's favourite polishes, she goes through so many bottles of it!

  •  Jacava London - Marrakesh Nights.

My perfect purple! It took me ages to find a purple I was happy with and then I finally got my hands on this beauty! (Sorry about the bad picture!)

- Marrakesh Nights Swatch

  • Barry M - Guava.


Guava is such an unusual colour, I was obsessed with it when it first came out! I love the colour and how shiny it is, although it also looks great with a matte top coat.

- Guava Swatch (& Confetti)
- Leopard Print

  • Models Own - Blueberry Muffin

This is one of my most used polishes. I really like the colour. It is also a scented polish and smells of blueberries which makes it even more lovely. I can't stop smelling my nails when I wear this, I need to try the others from the Fruit Pastel collection yet.

- Blueberry Muffin Swatch
- Colourful Mosaic
- Winter Mosaic

  • Barry M - Papaya

I think this is the perfect colour for toe nails! It's a lovely fingernail colour too, I just really like it on my toe nails for some reason.

- Papaya Swatch

  • Models Own - Ibiza Mix.

What I love about Ibiza Mix is the variety of glitter inside it. It can be used on top of nearly any polish to give a mani a completely different look. If I want to jazz up a plain mani then a layer of this does the trick!

- Ibiza Mix Swatch

So there's my Top Ten! I'm forever falling in love with new polishes though so I wonder which will be the next one to steal a place in my Top Ten?!

Have you spotted any of your favourites in here? 

I hope you have enjoyed having a nosey through my Top Ten. If you have done a similar post then leave me a link in the comments, I'd love to have a read of other people's favourites :)

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  1. Loved reading this, especially the models own and barry m mentions! Guava is indeed fab (although I think Greenberry wins for me) ...and that pink Models Own shade is just stunning <3

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I thought this type of post would make a nice change :) My sister has Greenberry, it's really nice, I can't believe I don't have it in my collection! Oh I know, it is my all time favourite, it's going to take something special to knock that one from the top spot!

  2. I don't own any Jacava polishes, they seem so nice!!!

    1. They are, they're quite expensive but I definitely think they're worth buying if there's one you really. The quality is fantastic!