Monday, 6 January 2014

Jacava London: Crimson Crush*


Today I have a review of Crimson Crush*, a high-gloss luxury polish from British nail polish brand, JACAVA London.

Crimson Crush is a lovely colour! If you're anything like me and starting to get fed up of dull 'winter colours' you'll be eagerly waiting to splash a beautiful bold colour on your nails!

Crimson Crush with JACAVA London's Top Coat (with UV Inhibitor)

I get really excited every time I try a new Jacava polish because I know for the next few days I'll be staring at my nails non-stop! I love the shiny, professional finish.



- High quality; smooth and quick to apply leaving no streaks or clumps,
- Dries fairly quickly,
- Gives a shiny, professional finish,
- Long lasting (I experienced no chipping),
- The long wand and brush applies polish effortlessly. In fact they are long enough for the brush to reach the bottom of the bottle meaning you can get more or less every drop of polish out unlike with other brands of nail polish (I think this is a fantastic idea!),
- '8-free'; they are free from many of the nasty chemicals that are often found in nail polishes and they also aren't tested on animals! Read more about it here.

- £14.50 is on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for - a luxury polish with a luxurious application and finish.


Crimson Crush is available on JACAVA London's website, retailing at £14.50.

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Jacava have a new range of polishes available for pre-order on their website now. There's some really nice and unusual colours, I especially like the look of the glitters and a stunning shade called Too Hot To.

Have you tried any of Jacava's luxury polishes yet? Are there any on your wishlist?

* Product supplied for review - opinions expressed are my own and completely honest. Read Disclaimer.

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