Saturday, 8 February 2014

Models Own: Cerise Shine HyperGel

Hi everyone!

I've got another of the Models Own HyperGel polishes to show you today, this one being the brilliantly bright pink Cerise Shine. I'm sure you've all seen the swatches by now so I thought I'd make mine into a very simple polkadot mani.

I wasn't going to do a post on these nails because I rushed them and wasn't very happy with them, so I wanted to do a different design with Cerise Shine to show you instead. However I was very impressed that I had been wearing this for two days with no top coat and it was still really shiny which I thought was great! And as I'm writing this it's now 3 days and they're still going strong. I was expecting them to chip as I was putting together the rabbit hutch (I adopted two rabbits this week, there's a picture of them at the bottom with my Cerise Shine nails!) but they didn't so I'm very happy!

The pictures I have taken show the nails after two days with no top coat.

The application of Cerise Shine was fantastic, the formula is so smooth that it just glides on effortlessly. With these being gel effect polishes the finish is shiny with a professional feel. 

For complete opaqueness I only needed one coat, however I used two to make the finish look more gel-like. It applied with no streaks as the formula is smooth enough for the polish not to drag across your nail. 

Last week I swatched Blue Glint, I found that Cerise Shine applied quite similarly, whereas Lilac Sheen definitely needed 2 coats for opaqueness as it was slightly more streaky than these other two.

So far I am loving the HyperGel collection. I love how effortless the application is and the glamorous finish.

You can see all of my HyperGel swatches and nail art here. The Blue Glint post has been updated to give you an idea of wear-time if you are interested! Although this is only the third of the collection I've tried, keep checking back as I'll keep adding to the page.  Next I'll be trying Cornflower Gleam in a ruffian mani so check back in a few days for that!

And finally, my new rabbits, I'm thinking Fiona and Jackson for names at the moment :)

What do you think of the HyperGel polishes? 

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  1. I love models own hypergel , but love the rabbits more :) so cute
    And great names too :) x