Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nails Inc: St Martin's Lane & Chester

Hi everyone,

Today I've got some pretty Nails Inc polishes to show you from my Nails Inc diary that I got for Christmas. I've still got so many new polishes that I haven't tried yet but I'm slowly getting through them!

The mani I have done today is very simple, I don't think it will be to everyone's taste, but here we go...

The gorgeous purple is Nails Inc St Martin's Lane, and I scattered the tips with feather-effect polish Chester. St Martin's Lane dried super shiny, but I was in a matte mood so finished it off with one of my many matte top coats.

Nails Inc: St Martin's Lane
St Martin's Lane looks very sophisticated when matte - I love it! I'm usually quite picky with purple shades, there's only a few I like, and this is one of them! I like feather-effect Chester too, I know it maybe doesn't go with a deep purple but it was worth giving it a try.

Nails Inc: Chester
What do you think of this combo? Let me know!

P.S. sorry for the picture quality, I'm having to switch between using my phone camera and my boyfriend's proper camera until mine gets fixed, and it was the phone's turn this time!


  1. That looks like red velvet cupcake with sprinkles! Really sweet :)

    1. Ahh that's a really good way of looking at them, I didn't think of that! :D

  2. I was just about to write a comment saying I love these and that they look like red velvet cake (which I literally just ate) with sprinkles on top! And I see the comparison has already been made!
    I have the same feathers polish though so I think I will have to try this design out!