Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint for Superdrug's 50th Birthday*

Superdrug are celebrating their 50th Birthday this April, and to celebrate they have joined up with several beauty brands to bring us limited edition beauty products, including the amazing Barry M.

Barry M have created a pretty pink polish, 'Birthday', for Superdrug's big 5-0, filled with pink, purple and white pieces of glitter.

Let's take a look...

Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint for Superdrug's 50th Birthday

Pink and sparkly - it's the ultimate girly polish, and very party appropriate! 

What I love about this polish is that you can wear it in quite a few different ways, either on it's own or on top of other colours to create a completely different look as you can see below...

I love it over black, it gives it a hint of purple and I think it would look great for a night out! On its own I used two coats of the polish, but over the black and white I just used one. At first I thought the pink polish was going to be quite sheer and would therefore require many coats, but I was pleasantly surprised. I also tried it out with a matte finish which I also loved.

Which look do you prefer? 

Barry M - 'Birthday'

There's a good amount of glitter in the polish so you get a nice range scattered on your nails, even with one coat. They do tend to congregate towards the end of the nail as you brush if you do it too quickly, but they can easily be moved around again with the brush. The pieces of glitter give it a bit of a bumpy finish, so I'd recommend adding a top coat to smooth it out.

I like that you can create a few different looks from just one polish, so I'd like to see Barry M make some more polishes similar to these, maybe in red and blue. 

Congratulations on 50 years Superdrug! Barry M's 'Birthday' will be available in Superdrug from the 9th April, priced at £2.99.

Will you be picking it up and joining in with the celebrations?

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  1. Looooove it! I'm definitely going to pick one of these up when they are released, it's a real stunner.

  2. Such a pretty colour! I love how it looks different layed over other colours x

    1. Me too! I was amazed by how different it looks over black! x

  3. I love the finish on this! I'm a sucker for a jelly type polish, and there don't seem to be a lot of mainstream ones. I might just have to pick this up.

    1. I'd pick it up while you can then because it won't be around long with it being limited edition :( I hope they bring out more like this though!