Saturday, 29 March 2014

Models Own: Speckled Eggs - Easter Chicks

Is it too early to be doing Easter nails? I feel like it is, but I am too excited about this post to wait! You have no idea how much fun I had preparing this post, which was probably due to the presence of these cute little chicks...

Dove - Pink
Duck - Blue
Magpie - Green
Goose - Yellow
Swan - Lilac

I wish they were real, I love chicks.

Anyway, onto the nails!

Today I have used Models Own Speckled Eggs collection to create some cute Easter chick nail art. The collection, inspired by bird egg shells, comes as five speckle effect polishes in beautiful pastel shades, filled with pieces of matte black glitter.

The polishes dry to give an almost glossy, slightly textured finish, however to make them look even more like egg shells, or Mini Eggs as most of us are comparing them too, I added a matte top coat.

The polishes were smooth to apply and completely opaque after two coats. I like that there is a generous amount of glitter in the polish so that even with one coat you get great coverage. With two coats you can see the speckles from the first coat underneath, which adds a nice depth the the finished look.

I think these polishes are perfect for Spring and Easter, I'm loving pastels at the moment, and have a lot of pastel polishes, but these stood out from the rest for me.

I think my favourite from the collection is either Duck or Magpie. Which is yours?

And now for the nail art. It didn't quite go to plan, I'm not the best at drawing cartoons, but I love it!

Little Easter chicks - aren't they adorable?! I'll definitely be recreating this over Easter! 

Models Own Speckled Egg polishes are £5 each and now available at and in Superdrug and Boots. Will you be adding these pretty pastels to your collection?

I haven't done any close-up swatches of the polishes individually yet, but if you are interested in seeing some in the meantime, particularly of the polishes without the matte finish, I will send you in the direction of my friends Pinkglow's Pretty Polish and Fundamentally Flawless.

Want to see behind the scenes of this post and some more cute chick pics? Click here! 'Behind the Scenes' is a new feature on my blog - check it out!

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  1. I love these so much - they're so pretty! I wish I was talented enough to draw pretty nail art designs ahh x