Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Barry M Summer 2014 Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint - Swatches and Review*

We all love Barry M Gellys so I'm sure you are all as excited as I am about the new Summer releases! And I'm very excited to have swatches of them to show you today!

Barry M's Summer Gelly Hi-Shine Collection is made up of 7 polishes in a mixture of bright summer colours and cooler tones too.

L-R: Pink Punch, Almond, Kiwi, Coconut, Damson, Olive, Elderberry.

The Gellys are definitely my favourite Barry M polishes - I love the smooth formula and the glossy finish! My swatches show the polishes without a top coat yet they are still amazingly shiny!

Damson - This blue is absolutely stunning!!! I'm in love with it. If I had to choose one then I'd say this is the one that you need to add to your collection. It's beautiful!

Barry M Damson - 2 coats.

Pink Punch.

Barry M Pink Punch - 2 coats.

Kiwi - I'm really sorry about this but the picture doesn't represent the true colour of Kiwi. I know greens are difficult to capture but this was impossible! Here it looks more turquoise than it should do. If you look at the bottle shots towards the top and the bottom of the page then that's the colour it should be - sorry about that! Anyway, I love this colour, it will be great for Summer. I don't have a colour like it so I can see myself getting plenty of use out of it.
Barry M Kiwi - 2 coats.

Elderberry - This is such a pretty colour. Another one I'll be using a lot.

Barry M Elderberry - 2 coats.

Olive - a very interesting colour! I've never actually seen a nail polish this colour and I wasn't sure how much I was going to like it at first. It's definitely not my favourite but it is nicer than I expected it to be. I'd say it has got a slightly more green hint to it than the picture shows, as you can see in the bottle shots.

Barry M Olive - 3 coats.

Coconut - a creamy colour that I think will make a great base for nail art!

Barry M Coconut - 3 coats.


Barry M Almond - 3 coats.

I've come across a few people saying that Almond looks a lot like Barry M's Lychee so here's a quick comparison I did to show you the difference. I've also included Olive and Coconut to the comparison in give you a better idea of the different shades.

You can see more comparisons on my Flickr page.

As I also found with the Spring Gellys, the formula of these seems to be thinner than the other Gelly polishes. I actually think a lot of people will prefer them this way as it will make them easier to apply for those that found the others too thick - unless you're like me, I love thicker formulas. The brighter colours in the collection only required 2 coats and you could also get away with 2 coats for the lighter colours, but I chose to use 3 for complete opacity.

Barry M Summer 2014 Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints

My favourites from the collection have to be Kiwi, Elderberry and Damson. I think they're really eye-catching and I'm looking forward to doing some nail art with them!

Overall I'm pleased with the collection and have now found 3 lovely colours that are very different to the ones I have already. I hope my comparisons have helped those of you that originally thought some of the colours were quite similar.

The Summer Gellys are available to buy in Superdrug from 7th May and Boots from 14th May, each priced at £3.99. But if you can't wait until then Pink Punch and Almond will be available in larger Boots stores from today (30th April)!

Which ones will be 'accidentally' falling in your shopping basket then?!

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  1. lovely swatch post! from stock images they've released I seriously thought that these would be a pass for me as there are already similar colours but I'm looking forward to picking some up to try!

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

    1. Thanks :) I know what you mean, I think a lot of people thought they looked too similar to the others to be worth buying at first. There are some really lovely colours in there though! :)