Sunday, 20 April 2014

Nails inc Floral Polish Collection - Swatches and Review

Hello, I hope you're all enjoying Easter weekend! Today I've got nails inc's new floral polishes to show you.

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I have to admit that these were not what I was expecting and I'm quite disappointed unfortunately.

The Floral polishes are made up of small pieces of hexagonal glitter, some also with short strands, and large pieces of flower shaped glitter.

Nails inc Floral Polish Collection

From left to right I have Daisy Lane, Queensgate Gardens, Floral Street Mews, and Richmond Gardens.

My swatches show 2 thin coats of each polish over Nails inc's Porchester Square, however I think they would have looked better over white. As you can see the coverage isn't great and I'm guessing you will need at least 4 coats to achieve the look showed in nails inc's picture below.

Image source: Nails inc

However I think 4 coats would be far too textured for my liking, 2 is enough for me, the flowers are already peeling up and snapping as you can see, particularly on my index finger.

These polishes are actually quite difficult to apply, the small glitter pieces come out fine but you know when people say you have to 'fish the pieces of glitter out' well this could not be more true for the flower pieces. And as you can see I only I managed to fish out a couple after many attempts.

When I first I saw these I was determined to have them because they looked so perfect for Spring and I loved the combinations of the colours. I hate to give a bad review but I really am disappointed with these. They had the potential to be great polishes but the flower pieces are what let them down for me. I think if they were smaller they would be easier to apply and would sit on the nail better.

So it's a thumbs down from me unfortunately. But what do you think? I'm sure some people will love them because they very easily brighten up a plain colour and add a Spring/Summer feeling to your nails. I'm just disappointed because they weren't what I was expecting and were difficult to apply.

Let me know what you think!

Nails inc's Floral polishes are available online for £12.


  1. I can't say I'm entirely surprised - I quite like the look of these but they looked like they'd be difficult to wear! They'd probably be better making a polish with the little strands in and including a pot of the flowers. What usually puts me off Nails Inc is the price - their polishes are nice but they're just not worth the £12 price tag.

    1. Yeah that sounds like a better idea, maybe a bit like their 'Bling it On' sets? I agree, it's very rare for me to spend any more than £6 on a nail polish and if I do it has to be something very special!

  2. I'm so glad I looked for swatches before I brought these today. They look awful may give the latex ones a try instead.

    1. Yeah I really want to try the latex ones! :)

  3. Oh! They do look surprisingly bad! I saw the official photos recently and thought that they looked fantastic, especially the red & white one, and I very nearly bought them. I'm so glad I didn't, as they so look really disappointing! I'm going to just paint on some flowers instead!

    1. They really are disappointing :( If they re-made them with smaller flowers I'm sure they would be much better!