Monday, 28 April 2014

Original Sugar Nail Embellishments - Review*

Hi everyone,

Today I've got some pretty nail embellishments from Original Sugar to show you.

Original Sugar are 'taking the 3D nail art craze to the extreme' and their 'Embellished Manicures' range makes this incredibly easy!

I have the Pink Bow, and Crown embellishments to show you, but you can see the full range of embellishments here.

Pink Bows:

I love the pink bows! When I put them on I actually said out loud to myself 'Aww they're so pretty!' - I'm looking forward to using them in some more nail art.


The crowns are a bit too big for my liking, however do take into account that my nails are quite narrow. They are very pretty though and certainly stand out!

The embellishments stick on really easily - you can either use nail glue or a blob of top coat. I used top coat and they stuck on firmly. I wouldn't advise putting a top coat over the top of them though as it is very likely to ruin them.

As you can see below the embellishments come beautifully packaged in a glass pot and drawstring bag. They will be great gift ideas for any nail-addicts you know! They come in a set of three for £2.50, however I think it would be good if the website had the option for you to order different amounts at various prices.

Overall I'm very impressed with these embellishments and I can't believe I hadn't tried embellishments before now! They're a fantastic way of jazzing up your nails and getting them noticed very quickly and easily. 

Original Sugar sell all sorts of nail art bits and bobs including tools, pens, foil, beads, and more. Check out the full range on the Original Sugar website.

What do you think of nail embellishments? Will you be trying some? Leave me a comment!

* Sample


  1. These kind of nail accessories can make from a plane color a master piece! Fantastic manicures!

  2. They're so pretty aren't they? I hadn't tried 3D things before either, and I've also got some of these to try. I can't stop wiggling my fingers around at how sparkly they are!

    1. I know, I could't stop staring at them, especially the bows!