Sunday, 25 May 2014

50/50 Turquoise/Leopard Nail Art

Hi everyone,

Today I've got some (really cool!) nail art to show you - it seems like it's been ages since I last posted some! I've revisited one of my favourite nail art styles, the 50/50, and have chosen to do leopard print.

I'm really pleased with how these turned out, they're definitely one of my favourite pieces of nail art. I think they'd make great holiday/festival nails, and they're surprisingly easy to do (I have put a video tutorial on Instagram - take a look!). I also love the colours, I think they work really well together.

I used Seaside from Barry M's Summer 2014 Limited Edition Collection (if you've not seen them yet then you can see my swatches of them all here), Gold Foil Effect, and their new Matte Top Coat, along with a white base, a black nail art pen, and some black nail beads.

I love matte top coats and have far too many of them! I'm really glad Barry M have finally added one to their collection, I'll have a review of it up soon.

I love how different Seaside looks with a matte finish and a shiny finish. I think I prefer it matte though.

I hope you like my design! You can see my full range of 50/50 nail art here. If you try any of them out then let me know as I'd love to see your take on them!


  1. Stunning nails! The turquoise is perfect for summer too!


    1. Thank you! Yeah it's one of my favourite Summer colours :)

  2. These look amazing! I love 50/50 designs too! Seaside looks great and the leopard print is so detailed! I love the beads in the middle, they work really well to separate the 2 sections! :)

    1. Thanks! :D It's amazing how much of a difference adding the beads makes, they really neaten it up x

  3. This looks lovely matte! And as always lovely nails x