Saturday, 24 May 2014

Barry M - Cor Balmy! Swatches & Review*

Hi everyone!

Today I've got Barry M's new Cor Balmy tinted lip balms to show you. This is my first non-nail post and I really hope you enjoy it!

With 5 shades to choose from, each Cor Balmy has a moisturising core containing Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and SPF15, keeping your lips soft and protected through the Summer months.

The colour can be built up or left subtle. My pictures show two layers of each.

A picture of Barry M's Cor Balmy! Collection
Barry M - Cor Balmy!

I've chosen to show the lip balms with me wearing them, rather than just striping them on my arm, as I believe it gives more of a true representation and a more accurate perception of their colour, shine, and texture.

A picture of Barry M's Cor Balmy! Collection

These lip balms smell amazing! Each has a very familiar smell which led to a lot of "ohhh, I know that smell but can't name it!" and passing them around the family for help! I've described them as best I as can, but even though they smell nice, they don't taste quite as nice!

Current Bun - Berry. Smells like forest fruits.

A picture of Current Bun from Barry M's Cor Balmy! Collection
Current Bun

Jam Jar - Red. Smells like Cola Bottle Sweets (although this was definitely the hardest to distinguish!).

A picture of Jam Jar from Barry M's Cor Balmy! Collection
Jam Jar

Trouble & Strife - Coral. Smells like chocolate orange.

A picture of Trouble & Strife from Barry M's Cor Balmy! Collection
Trouble & Strife

Rosie Lea - Bright pink. Smells like sweets (Parma Violets come to mind!).

A picture of Rosie Lea from Barry M's Cor Balmy! Collection
Rosie Lea

Adam & Eve - Pastel pink, although the colour doesn't really show so much on the lips. It's the most natural of the collection so is great for if you want the benefits of a lip balm but with a little shine. Smells tropical, like pineapples.

A picture of Adam & Eve from Barry M's Cor Balmy! Collection
Adam & Eve

I'm sure you've all heard of Maybelline's Baby Lips and can see the resemblance between them and the Cor Balmys. I've only tried two of the Baby Lips and I must admit I was disappointed by them after all the hype they were receiving. I personally prefer the Cor Balmys due to their more intense colour and how soft they make my lips feel. Baby Lips aren't as vivid, and as my lips didn't feel much softer after use I replaced them with a normal lip balm after a bit. I suppose it depends what you're after, but I'll be popping a Cor Balmy in my handbag instead now! I'm not sure which colour suits me the most so I don't have a favourite at the moment - opinions?

A picture of Barry M's Cor Balmy! Collection

I think these are a great addition to the Barry M range and I'd definitely recommend you give them a try. I'd love to know your thoughts on how they compare to Baby Lips, so come back and let me know once you've given them a go!

Priced at £3.49 each, Cor Balmy can be purchased online at now. They will also be available in Boots stores from 11th June and Superdrug from 4th June.

Which shades will you be trying?

I hope you enjoyed my first ever non-nails post! I enjoyed trying something new and I'm hoping to do other beauty posts like this every so often. Look out for some more new Barry M lip products on my blog over the coming week, and if you've not seen the new Barry M Limited Edition polishes yet, then you can see my swatches of them here.

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  1. Thanks for the swatches! Just got Rosie Lea :)

  2. Great review, I just won the set over on Instagram (woo!) and got them the other day in the post. Cant' wait to try them out, I've already been smelling them, soooo good. I was thinking about the swatches thing the other day in fact, and how I wanted to do lip swatches as arms don't show off the contours and lighting quite the same, and the skin is slightly different. And here you are, gone and done it haha. Love the idea! It really works showing it off in the relevant area. Great post!


    1. Lucky you! :D I'm so glad you agree! It really annoys me when people swatch lipsticks on their arm - you don't wear them on your arm!! Haha. I think it's laziness, especially from the more popular bloggers. I'm glad you like the post and I hope you like your Cor Balmys :) x