Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Nailtiques Formula 2 Kit Review*

Two and a half weeks ago I started using Nailtiques Formula 2 Kit in hope that it would bring some life back into my recently troubled nails. To be honest, if I wasn't given the chance to review this great little kit then I would have continued piling on the nail polish, pretending the splitting/peeling/dryness wasn't there, which certainly wouldn't have been good in the long-run! My nails are usually in good condition but every so often they need a bit of a boost. I'm sure some of you have nails similar to mine and can relate to this, but I also know some people have real trouble getting their nails to grow without snapping or splitting.

Today I've got a review of Nailtiques Formula 2 Kit for you. This review follows on from my original post about the kit, so if you would like to know more about what each product does then have a read of of it here first. I didn't want to put them both together as the post would end up far too long, so I thought it would be best to break them up. But in a nutshell, the kit contains...

  • Protein Formula 2 - for the treatment of soft, peeling, week, thin, or bitten nails.
  • Oil Therapy - seals in moisture, replenishes natural oils.
  • Skin & Cuticle Gel - glycerin and aloe enriched.

I decided to start afresh and cut my nails right down. I applied a layer of Formula 2 Protein every day for a week, removed it, then continued applying it everyday for another week. A few times a day I applied the Cuticle & Skin Gel to my cuticles, and Oil Therapy to my cuticles and the nail once a day.

So after two weeks, here's the difference...

I'm very impressed! 

After just a day or two my cuticles and the dry skin down the sides of my nails looked so much healthier. I love that the pot of Cuticle & Skin Gel is small enough to carry in my bag so I can apply it when I need it, I usually do it after washing my hands and before bed. A little goes a long way with this and it doesn't leave any mess - it all gets soaked up.

After a week I was a bit disappointed because my nails had barely grown, although they certainly felt a lot stronger and the surface looked so much healthier after I removed the layers of Formula 2 Protein. However after using it for another week my nails have suddenly grown loads! So I'm very happy as they have grown back stronger than they were before and aren't showing any signs of splitting so far. I decided that a 2 week treatment had done plenty for my nails so have stopped using it now.

I think I will need to continue using Oil Therapy a little bit longer as the surface of my nails is still getting quite dry (the peeling in picture 3a hasn't fully recovered and there's still a couple of 'craters' on my nail in picture 4b). I think the problem was that I was expecting the Oil to soak through the layers of Protein on my nail, which was a silly assumption, I know. I have now been using Oil Therapy on it's own without the Protein for a few days and I'm already seeing an improvement. Oil Therapy smells lovely and it's really nice to use as it doesn't run everywhere. It can be used on both nails and cuticles, sealing in moisture, preventing nails from becoming brittle. 

I'm so impressed with the difference in my thumb nail, here's a closer look at the improvement...


I'm really impressed with this handy little kit as it brings together both strength and hydration. I'm so glad I got to try it as I didn't realise how much my nails needed it! The Protein is fantastic for regaining nail strength and health, so if you've not found the perfect nail strengthener yet - I often come across people asking for new recommendations - then I'd definitely give this a go. I think the Skin & Cuticle Gel is something that everyone would benefit from, it's definitely my favourite product from the kit because it works instantly and is so easy to use, so there's no excuse for shrivelled cuticles and dry skin! I've also been using the kit on my toe nails because they do tend to get neglected.

I love that the products are small enough to carry round in your bag. You can buy each one in bigger sizes which is great if there's a product you really love (there's more information of the product sizes included in the kit here). You do get enough of each in the kit though, I've only used a fifth of the Protein after using it everyday for two weeks and I've barely made a dent in the Gel! I'll probably end up buying some extra tubs of Skin & Cuticle Gel, it will always come in handy (pun intended), especially as I've got such dry skin (you can use it on heels, knees, elbows, etc. as well). 

My one recommendation is that you read the instructions carefully for the Protein to get the best use of it. They basically just advise you to not shake your hands around after application to avoid getting it on your cuticles as it can dry them out. Although this shouldn't be a problem as it dries almost instantly!

Usually priced at £22.90, Escentual currently have this kit for less than half price, now at £9.95. It's 100% thumbs up from me so I'd grab it at this price while you can and get your nails looking and feeling great, ready for Summer!


Prices correct at time of writing.


  1. This kit looks fab, my nails are terrible under the polish but it's kind of a vicious circle - because they look so gross I constantly keep them covered up with polish! I'm tempted to get this, but not sure I could have naked nails for two weeks! Xx

    1. I was in that viscous circle! It was really difficult not painting my nails for two weeks but at the end of it I realised that they really did need it so it was definitely worth it. Maybe you could get it and use it when you've got a week or two where you're not bothered about people seeing naked nails? Also, you can vary the length of time you wear it for depending on how bad your nails are :)

  2. Think I might need to get myself some of this! The idea of naked nails though...! Perhaps when I go to Africa in the summer - might be a good time not to be wearing polish!

    1. Good idea! It was horrible having naked nails but the results are worth it :)

  3. This sounds right up my street, after biting nails for years they are considerably weak and brittle! Must check this out esp when it's on sale!

    1. It certainly does! It's a great kit, I hope you love it as much as I do!

  4. The Skin + Cuticle gel sounds to be amazing, I love trying out new.moisturisers!

  5. But does the varnish chip??? I have spent so much money on what should be the perfect hardener or peeling polish and they chip with in hours.

  6. I didn't experience any chipping but I don't want to say it won't happen to you as everyone's nails are different! Maybe try washing your hands and going over each nail with some polish remover before applying to make sure there is no oily residue. That should hopefully prevent chipping!