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Nailtiques Formula 2 Kit*

Hi everyone,

Today I have Nailtiques Formula 2 Kit to show you. This three-piece set aims to combat common nail problems such as peeling, splitting, and chipping, providing the 'perfect combination of strength and flexibility.'  

I have only been using the kit for two days so the review will come in a couple of weeks once I've given it chance to work - but today I want to show you what's included and tell you a bit about it.

The kit contains three products; Protein Formula 2 (7 mL), Oil Therapy (7 mL), and Cuticle and Skin Gel (7 g). It is normally pieced at £22.90, but Escentual are currently selling it for less than half price at £9.95!

Protein Formula 2:

Nailtiques have 3 Formulas, each created for a specific nail problem. This one, Formula 2, is for the treatment of soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails. The unique blend of protein and conditioners helps to strengthen nails by bonding them.

To use: apply one coat without any other polish. Re-apply everyday, removing weekly, until your nails have improved, you can then reduce the frequency of application.

Oil Therapy:

This vitamin enriched oil helps to soften cuticles by replenishing the skins natural oils, and prevents brittle nails by sealing in moisture. It can also be used to set wet nail polish (I can't wait to try that out!).

Cuticle and Skin Gel:

This glycerin and aloe enriched formula conditions and heals cracked or dry cuticles. 

To use: apply sparingly and regularly. It is particularly effective if used with cotton gloves at night. It can also be used on other areas of dry skin such as heels.

I'm most looking forward to using the Cuticle and Skin Gel because I have been looking for a new cuticle product as my cuticles have been so dry lately and my current product isn't helping. I'm really hoping the Protein Formula 2 can help my nails too, because they've not been in a great condition lately and I'm not too sure what's caused it.

Now for the embarrassing part - revealing the state of my nails. It's so easy to just cover them in nail polish and forget that the problems are there. Like I said, I'm not sure what has caused them but I'm hoping this kit will sort them out!

Firstly splitting, this only happens on two of my nails and constantly returns, probably because they're the nails/fingers I use most often. As you can see on my thumb, it causes the nail to grow in an odd shape.


The skin around the edges of my nails has become quite dry within the past few weeks, as have my cuticles.

Dry skin/cuticles

Here you can just about see little 'craters' on my nail. This is just on two of my nails but I'd love to know what has caused it!


A couple of my nails have also started to show signs of peeling.


I'd say my nail care routine is good and my nails are far from being 'problem nails', but they do need a boost every so often! I will take more pictures in a week or two to show you the difference in these nails after treatment in my review post.

I'm constantly coming across people asking for recommendations for products that stop nails snapping/peeling/splitting, or something to help them grow. I'm really hoping that Protein Formula 2 is an all-in-one for this and will become my go-to product as there doesn't seem to be a 'perfect' one around. Would you agree?

I'm looking forward to putting these products to the test. I'm expecting to notice an improvement in a week or two as with most nail care products, so check back in a couple of weeks to see how my nails have got on and read my full review! 

You can find Nailtiques Formula 2 Kit on the Escentual website (£9.95 reduced from £22.90), along with a range of other Nailtiques products. Each of these products are sold separately, but buying the kit saves you quite a bit of money, especially at Escentual's current price.


Price correct at time of writing.

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