Thursday, 5 June 2014

Barry M Stain Paint* - Swatches & Review

Barry M have added a new lip product to their collection, Stain Paint. What's great about these is that you get the high-pigment colour of a lipstick, and the staying power of a lip stain - perfect!

There are three bold shades to choose from: Infinite Pink, Eternal Coral, and Absolute Burgundy.

A picture of Barry M Stain Paint Swatches in Infinite Pink, Eternal Coral, and Absolute Burgundy

The Stain Paints glide on smoothly and evenly, giving an intense colour and soft feel. They are extremely long-lasting, and are supposed to last for more than 8 hours. I decided to put the staying-power to the test, applying 'Eternal Coral' Lip Stain in the morning and taking pictures throughout the day to see how it lasted. Here's how it got on...

As you can see, the colour lasted more or less the whole day, however the quality of the finish really starts to decrease after about 5 hours. It started to go patchy in areas, and when I wear this again I will probably be wanting to top it up at this point. At 8 hours it definitely needed reapplying or taking off. I think if my lips were softer it might not have gone so patchy (I really need to get into the habit of using lip balm regularly!). I did notice small amounts of it coming off onto my spoon/glass/fork through the day, but overall I think the colour stayed on pretty well compared to other lip stains I've used. I removed Eternal Coral after 8 hours which took quite a bit of effort!

I love how rich the colours are. I've found that other lip stains I've tried tend to dull soon after applying, whereas with the Stain Paints you can see it stays rich and smooth for up to 5 hours. Obviously the wear-time is going to be different for everyone's lips, and depend on how much eating and drinking you do while wearing it, but I was hoping to give just a rough idea.

A picture of Barry M Stain Paints in Infinite Pink, Absolute Burgundy, and Eternal Coral
L-R: Infinite Pink, Absolute Burgundy, Eternal Coral

I can see these becoming very popular, especially with those looking for a bold lip colour for a night out without having to nip to the toilets a few times through the night to reapply it!

The colours are very bold, and although I'm not brave enough to wear bold make-up, these might force me to be a bit more adventurous! I can't wait to see if Barry M will add more shades to the collection. 

Priced at £4.49 each, Stain Paints are available now in Superdrug and on, and in Boots store from 11th June.

Will you be picking any up?

Barry M Website



  1. Wow, these colours look lovely on you! You definitely suit a bold lip :)!! I think I'll pick up the burgundy shade, it looks like a gorgeous colour! Great post :D xxx

  2. These look great, I definitely need to get hold of these! I find that Barry M usually lasts quite well, actually, so these must be amazing!

    The Oxford Owl

  3. Great review and pictures, next time I'm in town I'm definitely going to pick some of these up, I've been looking for a new lipstick - preferably one that lasts! :)

  4. Absolute Burgundy is gorgeous! Thanks for the tip :) xx

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