Friday, 13 June 2014

Born Pretty Store - Colourful Diamond Nail Art Glitter Review*

Hi everyone,

Today I have some really sparkly nails to show you - they're like disco balls!

I have used individual pieces of diamond shaped glitter over a white base. The glitter is from Born Pretty Store, item '14390' ('2mm Nail Art Glitter Decoration Sparkling Colorful Diamond Design').

I had been wanting to do glitter placement nails for a while but didn't have any suitable pieces of glitter, and I also thought it would be too difficult and time consuming to do. However I was wrong. All you need is a bit of patience (and of course the correct items and tools!). I actually found it a lot easier than I thought I would.

I used a dotting tool and a clear base/top coat to apply the glitter. The individual pieces of glitter are 2 mm in size. I found this to be a great size, any smaller they would have been too difficult to pick up and place, and any bigger they probably wouldn't sit correctly on the nail. As the pieces are thin, they sit flat on the nail and don't look bulky which I think is really important for glitter placement. 

I picked up my pieces of glitter by dipping the tip of my dotting tool into a base/top coat and tapping it on one of the individual pieces of glitter to make it stick to the tool. You then dab the glitter piece onto your nail. You can also use tweezers to pick up and place the glitter.

Once they're all in place make sure you add a top coat to keep them held down. The glitter doesn't discolour when you add the top coat which is great. I used two layers of top coat but a few of the pieces on the ends of my nails still pinged off after a bit. This is probably due to them hanging slightly over the edge of the nail, although I did try to trim these pieces to avoid this. 

There's a nice range of colours of glitter as you can see in the pictures below. My favourites are the deep blue and purple! You get loads in the tub, I don't know how many but there's enough to keep you going for a long time, I don't think I'll be needing a refill anytime soon!

I think these glitter pieces are a great way to jazz up your nails, especially for parties and occasions because they're really eye-catching and glitzy! If covering the whole nail isn't for you, then you could try scattering a few randomly across the nail. I've got a few more designs planned with these where I will only be using a few to cover part of the nail. What would you do with them?

Overall I think these are brilliant, and for £1.54** you should definitely give them a try (you can buy them here). Also, if you use the code 'NM10K31' you can get 10% off everything on the Born Pretty Store, with free worldwide shipping too :)

**Price correct at time of writing


  1. These look amazing! These must have taken you such a long time to do but they're definitely worth it! :)

    1. Thanks! About half an hour per hand which was a lot less than I expected! :)

  2. These are absolutely stunning!


  3. These gliters look amazing! Tthey're definitely worth trying it!!!! they will look more beautiful on dark background like red/blue.....If you want to do manicure then visit ..they provide awesome service..