Thursday, 10 July 2014

Barry M Matte Top Coat Review*

I think matte top coats are probably one of the best creations ever when it comes to cosmetics! I love how they can completely transform the look of a polish with such little time and effort. 

I was so happy to find out Barry M had made a matte top coat, but I think it is long overdue. I'm by no means a fashion know-it-all but the matte nail trend seemed to explode last summer, and with most of the matte top coats coming from the more expensive brands, I think there was definitely room for one from the more affordable brands. I remember about a year ago writing on Barry M's Facebook page begging them make one, because I was desperate for another high street brand to have one after Rimmel's was discontinued (bad move Rimmel!). Anyway, I'm very happy Barry M have added one to their collection and I'll be reviewing it for you today. Since I've had it I've not stopped using it - I just love matte nails!

I've got loads of different matte top coats, priced between £1 and £14.50. You'd expect the quality of them to go up as the price does, but I find that they are all very similar to each other, so I don't really see the point in splashing out on an expensive one anymore. Has anyone else found this with matte top coats? I'd love to know what you think!

Barry M's Matte Top Coat (MTC) works very quickly, it only takes about 30 seconds, if that, to transform your nails from glossy to matte. As with all matte top coats the effect starts to wear off after a couple of days and a slight sheen starts to appear on your nails, so I just add another coat to top it up. However, as you've not got the extra layer of protection you get from a glossy top coat, matte nails tend to chip more easily.

Tip: I use a matte top coat to smooth out imperfections and bumps in my nail art. I then add a glossy top coat if I want a shiny finish. It makes my nails look much neater overall.

I've used Barry M's MTC in quite a few manicures in the past month (I really am loving matte nails at the moment!)...

Nail art using Barry M's Matte Top Coat
50/50 Leopard Print

Saran Wrap

Nail art using Barry M's Matte Top Coat
Neon Studs

Nail art using Barry M's Matte Top Coat
Blue & White Gradient

Nail art using Barry M's Matte Top Coat
Blue & White Floral Nail Art

(If you want to read more about each of these designs, click
on the picture or the link below it to take you to the post.)

There isn't anything that stands out from Barry M's MTC compared to the many others I have, but like I said I think all matte top coat's are very similar. Apart from the price - Barry M's is much better value for money! I'm thinking of doing a 'Battle of the Matte Top Coats', maybe then I will be able to pick out a few differences and decide which is the best from my collection. What do you think?!

If you've not tried a matte top coat yet then you definitely need to give it a go - it gives a completely different look to the polishes you already own, updating your polish collection very easily. With Barry M's priced at just £2.99, what is there to lose? 

For the the perfect on-trend summer nails, add a matte top coat over neon colours - definitely my favourite nail look this summer! 

Barry M's MTC is available now from, Superdrug, and Boots for £2.99.



  1. I definitely agree a matte topcoat by Barry M has been long overdue. As soon as I saw it, I got it especially with the price of it. Battle of the topcoats would be brilliant! Great post and photographs. :)

    1. It's great value for money! :) I'm glad you like the idea - I'll get working on it :D Thank you! x

  2. I like your tip about applying the matte top coat before a glossy one I will have to try that out! It's amazing that this polish is only £2.99, I paid just under £10 for an OPI one and I bet they work the same :p I would love to see a 'battle of the matte top coats' :D xx

    1. My Jacava London one was £14.50 and I really can't find anything that could justify the huge price difference! I'm glad you like the idea, I'm going to start working on it :D x

  3. Hello please could you tell me if when you buy the Barry M top coat you have to use it on Barry M products or can you use it on ant brand.
    ;) x