Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Born Pretty Store Neon Studs - Review*

Today I have some neon nail studs from Born Pretty Store to show you. Neons are very much on trend right now so I had been looking forward to using these!

A picture of Born Pretty Store Neon Studs

The studs are Item 14436 ('300Pcs 2mm/3mm Colored Star Round Shaped Stud Rhinestone Nail Art Decoration'). 

Here's what I created...

A picture of a manicure using Born Pretty Store Neon Studs

As shown below you get both round and star-shaped studs in six neon colours. There's approx. 300 studs in the wheel at about 2 to 3 mm each in size. At first I thought they looked very small, but once I put them on my nails I decided that they would look too bulky if they were any bigger. 

A picture of Born Pretty Store Neon Studs

A picture of a manicure using Born Pretty Store Neon Studs

To apply the studs I used a nail brush dipped in a base/top coat and dabbed it onto the stud, which was then placed onto my nail whilst the nail polish was still sticky. You will need to seal the studs by applying a top coat, however as this took away the matte finish of the studs I added a matte top coat at the end to bring back the effect.

The studs don't discolour when you add a top coat which is great. They are also reusable - I removed mine after a few days, none of them had fallen off in this time, and they were in a perfectly reusable condition.

I have not used the star-shaped studs yet, but I will add a picture of the manicure to this review once I have done it. 

A picture of Born Pretty Store Neon Studs

Overall I think these studs are great quality and make a nice change to the usual silver and gold coloured studs. The neon colours make them perfect for summer and they are really easy and effective way to transform a manicure.

These studs are available at a reduced price of £3.50** from Born Pretty Store. Use code 'NM10K31' to get 10% off all items, plus there's free worldwide shipping too!


**Price correct at time of writing


  1. I love the look of these and I love the design you came up with! Looks very fiddly though. Do they fall off easily?

    x x

    1. Thanks! It was actually really easy and quick to do. I kept them on for 3 days and they hadn't started coming loose x

  2. Looks great! I love the neon studs. They really stand out on the white base x

  3. These studs are so pretty and are the perfect size too! I love the design you've come up with! :)