Tuesday, 29 July 2014

MoYou Nails Stamping Plate (97 and 105) Review*

Hi everyone!

Today I've got a review of two stamping plates from MoYou Nails to show you.

I'm a stamping newbie, I've only ever tried it once before (using a different brand) and I found it more difficult than I expected, so I was very interested to see how I would get on with these.

The two plates I have chosen are very different to each other, one has smaller designs (Plate 105) whereas the other has full-nail designs (Plate 97). To apply the stamps I used MoYou Nails' stamper, scraper, and nail polish, as pictured below. (I have used images from MoYou Nails' website as the pictures of each stamp design is easier to see than on pictures of the actual plate).

A picture of MoYou Nails Stamping plates, polish, stamper and scraper.
Image sources: http://moyounails.com

I chose the black polish but there are plenty of other colours to choose from here. You get 12 mL of polish, so it's quite a big bottle, and at £4.99 they're great value for money.

At first I really struggled with the stamping, I couldn't get the stamp to transfer from the plate and onto the stamper. I asked my friends on Twitter for some stamping tips to see if the problem was because I was doing it wrong, or if it was the tools. I'll share their tips with you incase you find them useful:

  • Scrape at a 45 ˚C angle, lightly and quickly.
  • Make sure the plate, stamper, and scraper are clean (I wiped them with nail polish remover between each use).
  • Buff the plate.
  • Make sure the base polish is completely dry.
  • Roll (don't stamp straight down) the stamper lightly and quickly across the plate.
  • You need to work very fast!

After using these tips I did manage to get it to work better, however, as you will see in the pictures below, sometimes only part of the design would transfer. Maybe the polish dries too fast? With that in mind I decided to try stamping with an ordinary polish (I used Barry M Blood Orange Gelly) for a couple of designs too.

Instead of doing a full manicure with just a couple of the stamps on each plate, I decided to show each one on its own. 

Plate 105:

A picture of MoYou Nails Stamping Plate 105

I really like the bow stamps from this plate and have some ideas to incorporate them into a full manicure with some more nail art. 

I did find these smaller stamps difficult to line up on the nail, and as you can see some of them ended up a bit wonky! I know Konad do a double ended stamper that has a small end and a bigger end, and the small stamper makes stamping smaller designs like these much easier to line up and apply. 

Plate 97:

A picture of MoYou Nails Stamping Plate 97

I love the newspaper style stamps on this plate (the ones I have stamped in black)! I've got a really good idea on how to incorporate these into a full manicure, it's going to be a difficult one to do but I think it will look fantastic if I can manage it! 

My nails are a tiny bit longer than the stamp so they didn't quite cover the whole nail. As I mentioned earlier, I think the black polish dries a bit too quickly because as you can see in the pictures above the designs stamped in black are a bit patchy and haven't fully transferred. That said, this also happened with the red polish too but to a lesser extent.

As you can see I did get the stamping to work, although it did take me a few attempts to get the hang of it. I did get quite frustrated, especially as stamping is supposed to be a quicker and easier way of nail art. So if you're a stamping newbie like me then be prepared to sit down and practice, practice, practice!

Overall, I love the range of designs on the plates (you can see them all here), and they are reasonably priced, most of them being £4.99 and a lot currently reduced too (bundles are also available). I like that the black polish is completely opaque, therefore showing up very well, but it does dry a bit too fast for my liking. Stamping is quite a tricky technique and unless you have the patience to keep practicing then it perhaps isn't for you. That said, use the tips I mentioned earlier in the post to get the most out of these stamping plates, because although my first 2 attempts with them did not go well at all, on the third go I found it much easier, the only difficulty being the positioning of the stamp on my nail and the slight patchiness with the larger stamps.

I'm looking forward to using these stamps in some full nail art manicures over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for them!

You can purchase MoYou Nails' stamping plates, polish, and stamper and scraper from the MoYou Nails website.



  1. I have some MoYou plates and I have to admit I'm struggling with them as well. The last time I tried them (which was the second attempt) I did manage to get some to transfer over but I think I still need quite a bit of practice. I only haven't practised again because it can be a little messy to do x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. Give it another go because it took me 3 attempts to get it right :) Try using the tips above as well, I found that they really made a difference! x

  2. Ooh the newspaper stamps are so unique! And I was part of that Twitter convo on stamping techniques, except I had no tips to add as I was also wanting to know how to succeed! Will come back to this post when I decide to give it a go again

  3. I also have learned to love stamping. I used to be so bad at it. But I learned this helpful technique. You can read more about it at http://seriouslynails.com/?p=2937
    Thanks for the opportunity to share

    1. Great post - thanks for sending it to me! I've never thought to actually buff the stamper, I thought it was just the plate! Do you mind if I add that to the list of tips above?

  4. So glad to have found your blog through today's twitter chat!...This is such a cool post! My favourite is plate 97, I love the look of handwriting! I've never tried stamping before but this looks great! :)

    Every Day In Grace

    1. Aww thank you so much! :D

      Me too - I can't wait to use it in some nail art!

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