Friday, 29 August 2014

Ciaté London's Nail Lab - My Creations

Yesterday I finally got round to playing with Ciaté London's Nail Lab, and I had so much fun! Today's post shows you the three polishes I created using the Nail Lab, and I will be doing a full review of the Nail Lab over the next couple of weeks now that I've had chance to properly use it. I hope you enjoy it!

To create these I used all Ciaté London polishes and glitters. The kit comes with 6 polishes and 12 loose glitters, but I used other colours from my Ciaté collection as well. I'll tell you more about what is included and how to make a polish in my review post, but there's a sneak peak at some of the tools, glitters, and the polishes in the picture at the bottom of the post!

Each polish I made contains tiny pieces of glitter that you can see much better in the close-ups below. I've also swatched one nail of each (I didn't do full nails as two of them are presents for my mum and sister so I didn't want to use them all up!), and included a 'recipe' telling you which Ciaté polishes and glitters I used to make each one. My swatches show two coats of my created polishes.

Jasmine's Pearl
An off-white polish with white and gold glitter.
3 parts Amazing Gracie, 1 part Fit For A Queen, 4 scoops Day Dream, 4 scoops Pirouette.

This one is for my little sister Jasmine. She usually wears bright colours but I know this will look perfect with her skin tone. Fingers crossed that she likes it! It was inspired by a pearl, hence the name!

Help me name this one!
Blue/turquoise polish with white, blue, and black glitter.
3 parts Ferris Wheel, 2 parts Power Dressing, 1 part Pepperminty, 1 part Fit For A Queen, 3 scoops Nightfall, 3 scoops Day Dream, 3 scoops Splash.

This one is for me. It didn't quite go as planned but it's still pretty! I need help naming this one, it was supposed to resemble the sea so I am going for a seaside themed name, and I also wanted to have a go at the OPI-style naming with the puns that always make me giggle! I've come up with five names (thank you Internet for your inspiration!), and if you could let me know in the comments which is your favourite I would really appreciate it :)

1) Water you Waiting for?
2) Walk the Plank-ton
3) Where my Beaches at?
4) Are you Shore?
5) Just Squidding!

They're a bit cheesy haha! It was so fun thinking up names though!

Help me name this one!
Coral polish with pink/orange, and gold glitter.
3 parts Kiss Chase, 1 part Hopscotch, 4 scoops Pirouette, 4 scoops Jingle Belle.

This one is for my mum and like Jasmine's one I want to include her name (Julia) in the name of the polish. So if you have any suggestions please leave me a comment! The swatch makes the polish seem more orange than it actually is, it's supposed to be a coral colour.

I hope you like my creations! Which is your favourite? I can't wait to make more! I'm planning on doing some glitter top coats next time, I've got some nice ideas for Christmas ones. Maybe I could make some as Christmas presents?

I loved playing with the Nail Lab today, it's made me even more determined to one day have my own cosmetics company that I've been dreaming of! I'd love to be able to create new nail polish every day!

Inspired? Ciaté London's Nail Lab is available from Ciaté's webiste priced at £65, although I have just found some on ebay for £35!

Don't forget to check back soon for a full review of the Nail Lab, and to leave your name suggestions below :)

The polishes standing upright in the middle are not included.


  1. Fantastic polishes, my personal favorite is Jasmine's Pearl, but each of it has something special. I never tried to make any polishes, but looking at yours make me want to try it!

    1. Thank you! I gave it to my sister and she absolutely loves it :)

  2. Great creations! I must admit to being tempted by this set, but I'm not sure I'd want to pay the 65 quid for it! :-|

    1. Thanks! :) Yeah I think it's very expensive. I got it half price during a Ciaté sale - I wouldn't have paid full price for it

  3. nice creations.

  4. This kit sounds like so much fun! I need to check out if this is available in Canada!! I love the nail polishes that you created! The blue one is my favorite! I like the Are you Shore? name for it the most!! Thank you for sharing your link with me on Twitter!!

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle