Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mosaic Nail Art - Polish Party July - 'Recreate'


I've got a Polish Party post for you today! I haven't joined in the past few months because I wasn't keen on the themes, but July's was a fantastic theme and I was so excited to take part. 

July: Recreate your first nail art design.

Isn't it such a fun theme?! My first few blog posts when I started blogging were mostly swatches or very simple dotticures that weren't really worth recreating, so I chose one from a bit further down the line, my 'Colourful Mosaic' design. I've not completely recreated it, I have changed some of the colours and added in some extras. In fact it is quite a bit different from the original but it's the actual mosaic bit I was hoping to recreate and see the difference in.

So here's this month's design... 

A picture of mosaic nail art inspired by Gaudi

...and the original!

Look at the difference!

I remember being so proud of the original when I did it, and it led to a number of other mosaic designs too!

I've definitely made some huge improvements since I did the original in June 2013:

  • I'm now able to do more detailed and intricate designs,
  • My hand position is a lot less awkward!
  • My photos are much better quality.
  • My watermark is much clearer and a nicer font.
  • My nail shape is a lot neater, I don't even think I used to shape my nails back then - eeek!
  • My writing is so much better. I still think I have a lot to improve on in terms of my writing, but reading back old posts makes me cringe so much! I'll find this post embarrassing to read in a few months time too! I feel that I am constantly improving though.

I'm surprised at how well I cleaned up, I was expecting there to be polish all over my skin! And I suppose for a beginner it was a pretty good attempt at a mosaic design!

I would really like to be able to do even more detailed designs, like faces and animals so they don't look too 'cartoon'-y. Hopefully that is something I will be able to do by this time next year.

A picture of mosaic nail art inspired by Gaudi

I used all Barry M nail polishes for both my original and recreated designs.

A picture of mosaic nail art inspired by Gaudi
Mattified. Not so neat close up!

This design is actually quite relevant right now as I've just come back from Barcelona where there were Gaudi mosaics everywhere, so I was really in the mood for this design. If you want to read about my Barcelona trip then you can do here. I've got a plan to recreate one of Gaudi's mosaics on my nails using some art materials, so keep an eye out for that!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my recreation - it was really fun to do. Make sure you check out the rest of Polish Party's recreations using the links below.


  1. Love the colours you've used and it's very 'Barcelona' x

  2. loveeee this! Always trying out new nail art so your blog is perfect for me :) - Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion Blog! x

    1. Thank you - I'm so glad you like it! :) x

  3. This looks amazing! I wish I was better at nail art x


    1. Thank you so much :) Just keep practising, you can see how much of an improvement I've made above :) x

  4. I love it! Both the colours and the effect

  5. You're really talented! Love your nail art, really inspiring! :) xx

  6. I was thinking, as I looked at these, that they reminded me of Barcelona and then I read the part where you said you'd just been, haha!! Awesome design though, you can really see the improvement, although I think the original is still great too!! :D

  7. Wow this looks so pretty! I love the colours you have used and how simple but complex it looks together!

    Ayesha xxx

  8. nice color choices...and the design is also so simple but looking good....But what i think is finishing is not that good ..If u want to do manicure at your home then visit guys provide good service and awesm designs...