Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rio Beauty: Nail Artist Shimmer and Sparkle kit*

Hi everyone!

I've got a nail art kit to show you today from Rio Beauty that has everything you need to get the perfect party nails.

I have had so much fun playing with it and creating sparkly designs!

A picture of Rio Beauty's Shimmer and Sparkle kit

What's included?

  • Black polish (completely opaque in 2 coats but you could get away with just 1)
  • Silver 3D glitter topcoat
  • Purple 3D glitter topcoat
  • 5 assorted loose glitters
  • Silver striping tape
  • Gold striping tape
  • Double ended dotting tool
  • Fine detail brush
  • Nail art DVD

A picture of Rio Beauty's Shimmer and Sparkle kit

The DVD has step-by-step tutorials on nail art designs and techniques. It takes you through some of the more basic techniques that will get you used to using a nail art brush/pen, and more complex techniques such as water marbling and duotone strokes. A little booklet comes with the kit too which also shows you how to do some nail art designs and gives some nail art inspiration.

Here's a page from the book...

A picture of Rio Beauty's Shimmer and Sparkle kit

My nail art designs
Instead of doing just one manicure with the kit I have decided to show you a range of different designs you can do using the tools and items provided. There's a mixture of simple and more detailed designs so there should be something for everyone. I don't usually do my nail art on false nails but with me having so many designs to show you I thought false nails would be much more efficient!

If you want a tutorial on how to do any of the designs then feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email ( and I will sort that out for you :)

Firstly, swatches of each of the loose glitters and glitter top coats over the black polish...

A picture of Rio Beauty's Shimmer and Sparkle kit's glitter

A picture of Rio Beauty's Shimmer and Sparkle kit's glitter topcoats

A picture of Rio Beauty's Shimmer and Sparkle kit
Top (L-R): Gold glitter, silver glitter, white glitter, purple glitter
Bottom (L-R): Red stranded glitter, purple glitter top coat, silver glitter top coat

The silver and purple glitter topcoats look very similar over black, here's the purple one over white as well...

Rio Beauty Shimmer and Sparkle

The white glitter appeared red over the black polish so I tried it out over a few other colours too...

Rio Beauty Shimmer and Sparkle

The glitters are gorgeous! My swatches show them without a top coat over them because I love the 3D effect and the texture.

Nail art
Now for the nail art! Here are some simple designs...

Rio Beauty Shimmer and Sparkle

The following designs require a bit more time and a steadier hand but they are still all fairly easy to do. I think these would make great accent nails when matched with one of the designs from above.

Rio Beauty Shimmer and Sparkle

I used everything in the kit for these designs along with some of my other polishes.

Nail art brush
The fine detail brush is fantastic! It's definitely my new favourite brush. It's great quality - make sure you keep it that way by cleaning it between uses and not letting nail polish dry on it.

The pots of glitter provided are quite small and you will probably only get 2 or 3 full manicures from each (if you were to completely cover each nail in glitter). I think it would be good if Rio sold these glitters separately on their website so you could purchase more when you run out. You can buy other glitters on their website, but I'd like to see the ones from this kit become available too as they are stunning! I know I'd definitely purchase some more.

Update: the glitters will be available to buy from the Rio Beauty website in a couple of weeks! Yay!

Striping Tape
You get plenty of striping tape which is great because it has more uses than you may think! In my designs you can see I have used striping tape to decorate the nails, but I've also used it to create straight lines, a bit like a ruler or a stencil. I placed the tape on the nail where I want the line to be, then painted next to it with the nail art brush.

I personally find it much easier paint straight lines using nail art pens that with a striping brush. My first set of nail pens were these ones from Rio and I've loved them ever since.

Nail art newbie?
If you are new to nail art, or if nail art is something you'd like to try, then I cannot recommend this kit enough. The brush and dotting tool are nail art essentials that you will end up using in more or less every piece of nail art that you will do, and with these ones being such great quality they are going to last you a while. The step-by-step tutorials will really help to get you started, help you get a steadier hand, and build up your confidence to try new techniques. Rio have quite a few other nail art kits available too, you can see the range here.

I often have people ask me what I recommend for someone that wants to start doing nail art. I always suggest nail art pens, a brush, and a dotting tool, as well as 3D nail art pieces such as studs, rhinestones, and glitter to get you thinking more creatively.

Rio Beauty Shimmer and Sparkle

...a fantastic kit! I've had so much fun using it. I struggle with coming up with new nail art ideas but this kit really got me thinking creatively - I could have gone on forever! As I said above I would definitely recommend it to nail art newbies, but also to anyone that wants a really easy way to get party-perfect nails, because as you can see from my designs above it has everything you need to create loads of different glitzy nail art designs.

Which of my designs do you like most? I can't wait to recreate some of them into full manicures!

Shimmer and Sparkle is available now from the Rio Beauty website, priced at £19.99.



  1. That just looks like a great book for nail art designs and inspiration. As well as having a nail art kit! :)

    1. Haha yeah definitely! The tutorials are really good, the DVD is great too!

  2. I love the turquoise Mickey Mouse-esque design the most, but they all look great! How do you get so precise with the placement of the glitter? It's awesome!

    1. Thanks :) I use a dotting tool dipped into a little bit of topcoat (dotting tools have many nail art uses!!), just so the end of the dotter becomes sticky enough to pick up the glitter. You then dab the dotter onto an individual piece of glitter, then dab the dotter + glitter onto the area of your nail that you want it be. It's really easy :)

  3. Wow awesome this looks like such a cool kit! You could have hours of fun coming up with new designs for it! I love the designs you created, all of them look amazing, I especially like the black and silver glitter (the middle one in the more advanced designs picture) :D xx

    1. I think I spent about 8 hours just playing with it, then taking pictures and writing the post took quite a while too so it's definitely one of my longer posts! It was so much fun though, I'm definitely going to keep making more designs with it. There's false nails all over the place now - I might display them because I love them so much :) the black and silver one is my favourite too!

    2. Aw good it sounds great! Next pay day I may have to purchase one :p! I do enjoy using false nails for a change, I feel like I have more control when designing them xx

  4. Great review! Looks like a fab kit! My favourites are both in the more simple designs you did - I love the black and silver waterfall and the black and silver swirl! Great job on all of them! Must have been so much fun to play around with x

    1. Thank you! It really is! I wish I could have done more designs but I would have been sat there forever! I'm definitely going to make some more with it soon though and recreate my favourites into full manicures :)