Friday, 5 September 2014

Geometric Nail Art with W7 Cosmic Nail Dust*

Hi everyone!

Today I have tried out some geometric nail art that features a stunning blue W7 nail polish in 'Wild Blue', along with their 'Blue' Cosmic Nail Dust.

I'm a big fan of deep blue polishes so I'm loving 'Wild Blue'. It's the first W7 polish I have tried and I must say I am very impressed! Most of the polish is covered by glitter but I left a few bits glitter-free so you can see the polish peeping out.

The Cosmic Nail Dust is very easy to use; the bottle has a thin nozzle for pouring the glitter through which means it can be applied to an area fairly accurately. I'd still recommend having a piece of paper underneath your hand to catch any excess glitter though, and this way you can pour any escaping glitter back into the bottle. Adding a clear top coat over the dust will help it stay in place.

If you fancy giving this nail art a go yourself then I have put together a picture tutorial below. There's also a video tutorial on my Instagram page if you'd prefer to view it that way.

Have you tried W7 nail products before? Leave me a comment with your favourites so I can check them out (feel free to leave your links to swatches/reviews) as I'm looking to add some to my nail polish collection!

'Wild Blue' (£4.95, 15 mL) and 'Blue' Cosmic Nail Dust (£3.95) are available from the W7 Cosmetics website along with a range of other nail products. The Cosmic Nail Dusts come in loads of different colours - I've got my eye on the red, gold, and silver ones ready for Christmas nail art!

*Sample - provided for #W7CosmicNailChallenge

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  1. Hello, I think your nails look just amazing and I look forward to read your next post :) Love your blog layout as well <3

    Xx Creativenails4fun