Thursday, 11 September 2014

'Nail Magic - Wet'* - an Extreme Gloss Top Coat with a Wet-Look Finish


Today I've got a review and some comparison pictures of a super shiny top coat to show you from Nail Magic. If you're after a top coat with a wet-look finish then you're going to love this stuff!

'Nail Magic - Wet'* has an extreme high gloss finish that leaves your nails glistening as though they are still wet. To achieve the shiny wet-look finish you add one layer of 'Nail Magic - Wet' over polish that is dry to touch.

To test it's shine and wet-look finish I applied it over several different nail polishes and have taken comparison photos. In my pictures you will see 2 nails with one layer of 'Nail Magic - Wet' over polish, one nail with one layer of a 'normal' top coat (just an average high street top coat that claims to strengthen and add shine to nails) over polish, and one nail without any top coat over the polish.

Before I show you the pictures I just want to apologise for the odd bump across my middle finger nail. I did a teabag repair for my broken nail (Google it!) and it didn't set very well!

Anyway, let's compare...

You can see it is glossier than the 'normal' top coat and makes a massive difference to the polish on its own.

Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints are known for their glossy gel-like finish. Once dry they look really shiny as if they already have a top coat over them. I thought it would be interesting to try 'Nail Magic - Wet' over one of these polishes to see how much shinier it could make it!

Although the effect isn't as obvious as in the first picture, you can still see a difference. You can actually see how it makes the nail look 'wet' here, and compared to the 'normal' top coat 'Nail Magic - Wet' gives a much more professional-looking finish. I'm very impressed! :)

Here I am wearing an off-white colour and the shine doesn't really show up. If anything, it perhaps just brightens the polish slightly.

And finally I have put it over a polish that has a very slight shimmer to it (aggghhh! My broken nail looks hideous here. It seems to get worse in every picture! I'm really sorry!).

The wet-look is really effective with this polish! I did find the shine hard to capture in each of these pictures, but when you move your hands around your nails really do glisten as if they're still wet - I find it hard to stop staring at them!

I wore 'Nail Magic - Wet' over one manicure for 4 days and it was still as glossy as it was when I first applied it. It glides on really smoothly and dries perfectly flat which is something I look for in a top coat. I've tried many high street brands that have a sticky, bulky feel and drag when you apply them. This makes the finish uneven and streaky, and you can tell that it's there if that makes sense? However, 'Nail Magic - Wet' dries perfectly without leaving any drag marks or uneven bits.

Although the effect isn't mind-blowing 'Nail Magic - Wet' is glossier than your average top coat and gives a much smoother and professional looking finish. The quality of the formula and the ease of application is fantastic, and with it being a similar price to most high street top coats I know I'll be opting for 'Nail Magic - Wet' from now on!

'Nail Magic - Wet' is available from the Jica website for £5.50 (7.4 mL). Their range also includes the original Nail Magic Hardener and Conditioner which was established in 1960, I've never tried it but it is supposed to still be one of the best on the market.

What do you think of this high gloss top coat? Would you consider swapping your current top coat for this one?

*Sample provided for review.


  1. I like how glossy the finish of this top coat is, I didn't know this brand! Sorry about your broken nail!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I hope it grows back soon - it's ruining my pictures!

      Thanks - you too! :)