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Number 4 Lumiere D'Hiver Super Comb Prep and Protect Review*

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Today I have got a review of Number 4's Lumiere d'Hiver Super Comb Prep and Protect* leave-in conditioner spray. I got a sample of this in my August Birchbox and loved it, so I was very happy to be able to receive the full sized bottle through #Birchbloggers to review on my blog!

This leave-in conditioner aims to detangle hair, tame flyaways and frizz, as well as strengthen, protect, repair, and nourish hair. It is also a colour protector and protects hair from UV and heat damage.

Even the box is scented!!

I had been starting to think that leave-in conditioner sprays were a load of rubbish. They claim to detangle, soften, etc, but all I've found, up until now is that they weigh my hair down and leave it feeling sticky. The ones I have previously used have all been high street brands, brands that I usually love and I'll very happily use their shampoo and conditioner, but I've given up on high street leave-in conditioner sprays.

No. 4's Prep and Protect has really impressed me so far though, I mostly love that it doesn't leave any residue on my hair. My hair gets so tangled when it's wet and the detangling effect of this spray seems to work immediately in my hair. The instructions are to spray it through towel-dried hair, comb it though (if desired), and style as normal. Once dry my hair feels really soft, healthy, and much more hydrated. 

The formula
Blackcurrant, soy yoghurt, algae, and yerba mate are all natural conditioners used to restore hydration.
Soy and vegetable proteins are used to repair heat and chemical damage.
Anti-static properties means frizz and flyaways are kept under control.
UV/Colour Polar Shield will protect coloured hair, and shield it from the damage of the sun.

The formula is sulphate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly!

I'm really not keen on the scent of this spray, it's floral, made up of amber, musk, and white freesia. It does seem like I'm the only one though because after looking at some reviews to see what other people thought of the scent they all seemed to love it. Luckily for me the scent doesn't linger in your hair once it's dried like a lot of leave-in conditioners do.

Another opinion...
When I received the full sized bottle I decided to give my sample one to my friend Emma to see what she thought of it. She agreed that it doesn't weigh your hair down or leave a greasy/sticky residue. She liked the scent and agreed that once dry her hair didn't smell any different. However she said she didn't notice a difference, good or bad, in the feel or appearance of her hair which is strange as I've noticed a big improvement in the health and manageability of mine. She did say that her hair is in very bad condition at the moment and is desperate for a cut as it is full of split ends. She thinks it is probably beyond the help of a leave-in conditioner which is maybe why she didn't notice a difference? Thanks for your input Emma!

I really like Number 4's Lumiere d'Hiver Super Comb Prep and Protect spray and I'll definitely be purchasing another bottle once I have used this one up. I have found my hair to be much more manageable after washing and I don't have the flyaways I usually get when I have newly washed hair. My hair also feels softer, lighter, and more hydrated, and it's great not to have that sticky, weighed-down feeling I usually get from leave-in conditioner sprays - it's a big thumbs up from me! 

Number 4's Lumiere d'Hiver Super Comb Prep and Protect is available from Birchbox priced at £20.

*Sample - provided for review - #Birchbloggers

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