Thursday, 2 October 2014

Barry M Christmas Glitter 2014 - Tesco Exclusive - Twilight*

Sparkly Christmas nails are coming around sooner than you may have expected! Five new Barry M Limited Edition Christmas Nail Paints have already started to hit the shelves, and even though I think it is far too early for Christmas nails they have certainly got me very excited!

Out of the five polishes one is exclusive to Tesco, two to Boots, and two to Superdrug. Today I've got the Tesco exclusive; Twilight*, to show you!

I have already swatched the Boots exclusives (see them here), and have only seen pictures of the Superdrug ones, but I think Twilight is my favourite of the lot!

Silver and blue/purple glitter.
I have swatched this over a few different colours, however as the purple bits of glitter are so fine they only really show up over a white polish. I also did a bit of nail art with it too!

Twilight over Barry M's Orchid (bottom left), Matt White (bottom middle), Black (top right),
Chai (middle right), and layered up (main picture and bottom right).

My swatches show one coat of Twilight over each polish. If there are anymore colours you would like to see it swatched over let me know and I'll add it in :)

Here's a closer look at the colours and shapes of the glitter.

Silver and blue/purple glitter

And now prepare yourself for the ultimate sparkly party nails...

So sparkly!

I'm in love with these!

Above you can see the glitter layered up for complete glitter coverage, it requires about three coats.

The formula
The glitter is very densely packed into the polish so you get good coverage even with just one coat, this also makes it easy to build up as I have done above. You can definitley get away without a top coat as the glitter sits quite flat against the nail and doesn't peel up like chunky glitters tend to do.

What do you think of Twilight then? I think it's really pretty! I hope you like the nail art too - I think I'll be recreating it for any upcoming night outs, so much sparkle!

Twilight is available now in selected Tesco stores priced at £3.99, although I know a few people are struggling to get hold of it. @BeautyAtTesco on Instagram said it will be available online in a couple of weeks though if you can't manage to find it in stores.

*Sample - provided for swatch and review.


  1. I can't get enough of glitter, I just love it! I will certainly be getting these for Christmas! Love your swatches, the nail polish looks stunning <3 :)

    1. Thank you! I know I'll be wearing this one a lot over Christmas :)

  2. Lovely polish shame I missed out on this one, didn't realise that it had been realised unfortunately, however I have managed to get the superdrug and boots limited edition ones

    1. Sorry for the really late reply! People seemed to prefer the Boots and Superdrug LE ones actually, I thought this one would be more popular to be honest!

  3. I know this is a bit late, but is it plain silver glitter or are there are holographic sparkles in there too? I love anything with holographic glitter in it.

    1. Just blue and silver glitter pieces, no holographic bits from what I can see x