Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bat Nail Art


Today I've got the second of my three Halloween nail designs to show you. You can see the first one here (pumpkin nail art tutorial), and I'm saving the last one until Friday - I'm ridiculously excited to show you it!

So today's nails feature a beautiful O.P.I polish, 'Birthday Babe'* (it was my birthday yesterday so it's very appropriate!), and I've spookified them with some bat nail decals.

I wanted to show you a swatch of Birthday Babe because the film of the decals has sort of disguised the lovely finish of the polish. Birthday Babe appears to have a silk/satin finish but it doesn't have the matte feel that you get with silk/satin polishes (e.g. Barry M's). I have used three coats here to get an even finish as the polish is quite sheer. Come to think of it I'd be interested to try one layer of Birthday Babe over white as I think it will give a pearl-effect, what do you think? I'll update once I've tried it!

I've worn Birthday Babe quite a few times since I got it, it has got me feeling quite wintery! I think silver is a must-have nail colour for winter. I assumed I had a silver polish in my oversized stash but looking through it I couldn't find one, so Birthday Babe has been a very welcome addition!

So, a bit more about the nail art. I did this with the idea that Birthday Babe would look like a moon with bat silhouettes flying across it. I also added a black border to make the moon effect more obvious - I think it looks quite good! It's amazing how much of a difference the black border makes, it makes the nails much more bold.

The decals are from Nail Art Company (I have reviewed their decals here if you are interested), I usually like to do all of my nail art freehand but I couldn't resist these bats, especially once I had the moon and silhouette idea in my head.

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen my tweet a few days ago about how much I love it when simple nail art looks so effective, well this is the design I was on about. I love the contrast between the black and the silver in terms of both colour and texture. I really didn't want to take these off, I couldn't stop staring at them!

What do you think of my bat nails then? I want to do another mani similar to this with another type of silhouette, I love the black and silver together.

If you're after a silver polish then check out 'Birthday Babe', you can get it from Unineed with a hefty discount for £6.25. There are loads more discounted O.P.I polishes on there too for any O.P.I fans looking to add more to their collection :)

Make sure you check back on Friday for my final piece of Halloween nail art! *Sample.


  1. It is simple an wearable, I like it a lot. The decals are great too!

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