Sunday, 19 October 2014

Coloristiq - UK Nail Polish Rental Service

Hello! I have a really exciting post for you today! 

Coloristiq is the UK's first multi-brand, online nail polish rental service, and in today's post I'm going to tell you about the service, show you my first box, and tell you how you can get your first month free!

Now you probably won't be surprised to hear this, but I am a polishaholic. I have a massive stash of nail polish, of which about 50 are unused (eeek!), and most have only been used once, yet I still feel the need to buy more! I have actually only ever finished one bottle of nail polish. I'm sure there's quite a few of you out there that can relate to this (maybe not quite to my extremes!).

Coloristiq believe that their service is the answer to dried up and unused nail polish. I'll go into more detail later in the post but here's basically how it works...

Picture source

Coloristiq have a collection of high-quality salon brand polishes including O.P.I, Essie, Morgan Taylor, and China Glaze - see the full range here. You can pick some of your favourites to add to your wish list, and prioritise some, and you will receive three of the polishes (Coloristiq try their best to give you your prioritised polishes or ones off your wish list, depending on stock levels and demand). You can use each polish three times, so that's nine applications per month.

When you receive your box, you get the following information informing you about the fair usage policy and what to do if you have any issues. I had a lot of questions when I first came across the service but the FAQ page is very helpful.

Here are the three polishes I received in my first box* and some swatches of them. I'm really impressed with the quality, each required two coats and no top coat.

Essie - Cashmere Bathrobe

O.P.I - A-Taupe The Space Needle

China Glaze - One Track Mind
This is the first China Glaze I have tried and I'm so happy I have finally had a chance to try one. I love this inky blue polish (deep blue polishes are my favourite!).

One of my favourite things about this service is that you get to try new nail polishes or even a new brand before forking out for an expensive polish that you may not even like once you've tried it! I hadn't tried China Glaze until now partly because of the price and partly because I never see them around, the same goes for Morgan Taylor, so I'm looking forward to being able to try them too.

Sending them back when you've finished
The box comes with instructions on how to send your polishes back, I've attached a picture of them below. You reuse the box and the protective wraps that the polishes arrived in, so be sure to keep hold of them! Postage is included in your subscription price so there's no need to worry about that.

The protective wraps

I think a nail polish subscription service is a fantastic idea! If you're a bit like me and spend far too much money on nail polishes for them to just be used once (or not at all!), then I think this service is ideal, especially when you consider how much you would pay for one of these bottles of nail polishes. I'm excited to try new brands and colours, and also prevent my already overflowing polish stash from getting even bigger!

The subscription is £14.49 per month - there's no minimum subscription period, and you're not bound into any contracts, so it's definitely worth giving it a go to see if it's something you'd enjoy. 

And, as if you needed another reason to give it a go, Coloristiq are offering my lovely readers their first month for FREE! Exciting! Once you have registered, email quoting the promo code 'NailyMail1' and they will sort this out for you. Register here.

What do you think of Coloristiq's nail polish rental service? Is it something you would think of trying? Let me know! I'm really excited about it! If you are already a member/when you become a member, let me know your favourites of the polishes you try so I can add them to my wish list too! :)

*Sample - sent for review


  1. I love the look of Cashmere Bathrobe. I like the idea of trying nail polishes that you would not normally choose yourself. I have a Coloristiq account myself and I love the idea, I definitely recommend it. Your swatches are ace, good job again Lauren! x

    1. Thank you!! I'm looking forward to seeing what colours you got in your box :) x

  2. Ooh I've never heard of Coloristiq before but it seems like such a good concept. Its definitely a service I'll bear in mind for the future, great post lovely :) Natasha Paris x

    1. Until 24th December if you subscribe to Coloristiq you will receive our subscription for £9.99 a month forever! That is a little over £1 per painting!!!

  3. I've never seen anything like this before, what a great idea! I'm definitely going to consider this, thanks for sharing it with us xx p.s. China Glaze - One Track Mind - wow!!

  4. Until 24th December, if you subscribe to Coloristiq you will receive our subscription for £9.99 a month forever! That is a little over £1 per painting!!!

  5. What a great idea for a subscription service.

    Just discovered your blog through Instagram- love it! Do you have any post on good extras to use i.e. for nail care, fast drying top coats, products to speed up drying times? x