Friday, 17 October 2014

HJ Manicure - Thunder Storm* and Coco* - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone,
Today's post features some beautiful nail polishes from a new British brand called HJ Manicure.

HJ Manicure's creator, Helen J, has gained a lot of experience within the beauty and fashion industry, including magazines and celebrities, so she knows what it is that people want from their nail polish. Her polishes come in on-trend shades, inspired by fashion, and have been spotted in SS14 collections.

I love the on-trend shades, but what I love most about this brand is that the polishes are 5-free (more info here), this means they are free from the harmful chemicals that are often found in most nail polishes. If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that I'm currently doing a Masters degree in chemistry and I have a huge interest in non-toxic cosmetics. It's an area I am hoping to go into in the future so I am very interested in this brand and admire them for being not only 5-free, but cruelty free and vegan friendly too!

The two colours I chose are perfect autumn/winter shades. I picked them because they aren't similar to any other colour I have, although there are quite a few brighter shades in the range that I have my eye on too.

Thunder Storm*

Two coats, no top coat.

This cool grey/lilac shade is so beautiful and elegant, if I worked in an office this would be my go-to polish for work.

 Although Thunder Storm has a naturally very glossy finish, I decided to try a matte top coat over the top. I think it makes it look really delicate...

No top coat
With matte top coat

Two coats, no top coat.

Another shade that I think is appropriate for work. This brown/pink polish is quite an unusual shade, I know I'll get a lot of use out of this through autumn and winter.

Again I have shown this polish with a matte top coat over it. Which do you prefer? Shiny or matte?

No top coat
With matte top coat

The formula
I think some people get the impression that when a nail polish is '5-free' some of the quality is compromised, but it really isn't. As you can see from the pictures these polishes have a really shiny, professional looking finish. The formula is smooth, maybe ever so slightly on the runny side, which allows for a really easy application. The wand and the brush are quite long due to the shape of the bottle, this can mean you don't have as much control over the brush but it is very precise so I had no problems applying it neatly, in fact I didn't have to do any clean up around my nails afterwards which is great! I found the polishes to be quick-drying too.


I am really impressed with these polishes - the colours, the formulas, and the gorgeous finish. I feel much happier using a polish that is free from toxic ingredients too, and after to speaking to some other bloggers in Sunday's #bbloggers chat it seems that more and more people are on the look out for non-toxic cosmetics. I also want to give the bottles a mention too; the rectangular shape makes them look really luxurious, I really don't want to put them in a drawer, they deserve to be on display! You get 15 mL in each bottle too!

HJ Manicure released some new colours at their AW14 press event yesterday - exciting! Unfortunately I couldn't make it which is a shame because I think I am falling a little bit in love with this brand, I definitely need to add some more colours to my collection!

HJ Manicure's 5-free nail polishes are available from the HJ Manicure website priced at £9.50 each for a 15 mL bottle.

What do you think of Coco and Thunder Storm? Have you considered using non-toxic cosmetics? Let me know!

*Sample - provided for swatch and review.


  1. These look gorgeous! I'll have to add them to my wish list!


    1. Definitely! I'm desperate to add more colours to my collection! x

  2. I love these colours! It's really nice to see new brands that I have not heard of before. I am always scared to branch out and try different brands. x

    1. I usually am too, but when I come across a brand that has something special about it, these being 5-free and the gorgeous, unusual colours, I am definitely more tempted to try them! x