Tuesday, 14 October 2014

MoYou Nails Stamping Plate (128 and 129) Review*


Today I have a review of some of MoYou Nails' new stamping plates, 128* and 129*, and their 'Royal Purple'* stamping polish.

I have photographed the plates with the blue covering still on as it is much easier to see the designs that way (there's no reflections!).

Plate 128
This plate has 4 stamps that cover the whole nail and one smaller one.

In the design below I have used a base of OPI's 'Birthday Babe' and have stamped over it with MoYou Nails' 'Royal Purple'. I used MoYou Nails stamper and scraper to do the stamping.

This is my favourite stamp on the plate because it is so hard to do zigzags free-hand!

Below shows the other 4 stamps on the plate using 'Royal Purple'...

They're not particularly neat close up, I think I need to work on rolling the stamps onto the nail more smoothly. I love the gold fish scale one! I'm definitely going to recreate it into a full mani soon!

The bottom left one didn't turn out very well at all. If you look at the pictures of the plate you will see that it should be stripes in a V-shape but I just couldn't get it to line up straight after many attempts, so I played around and got the pattern you see above!!

Plate 129

I chose this plate because I thought it was really fun! As soon as I saw it I knew what I wanted to do with it on my nails! Again this one has 4 stamps that cover the full nail and one smaller one.

The dice applied a bit wonky but I think that is because my nails are very curved which makes rolling the stamper quite tricky for me.

Last time I reviewed MoYou Nails I was sent a black MoYou Nails polish, I have used that in the design above along with Models Own Red Lustre HyperGel. You get much better results when you use a proper stamping polish (they're opaque in one layer which is a must for stamping!) but I decided I would give the HyperGel a try as it is quite thick like stamping polishes are, it turned out a bit patchy though and smudged.

Some tips...
I have struggled with stamping on previous attempts but I have some tips that have really helped me out, I hope you find them useful...

  • Scrape at a 45 ˚C angle, lightly and quickly.
  • Make sure the plate, stamper, and scraper are clean (I wipe them with nail polish remover between each use).
  • Buff the plate before the first use.
  • Make sure the base polish is completely dry.
  • Roll (don't stamp straight down) the stamper lightly and quickly across the plate.
  • You need to work very fast!

And finally, you just need patience and to keep practising. I'm definitely improving each time I give it a go! Some people just seem to get it first time round though - lucky people!


My third attempt at stamping seems to have gone very well - I'm really pleased with how my nails have turned out! It was so much easier than my last stamping attempt! Some of the designs aren't very neat when you look at them closely but I think that is because I need to practise rolling the stamper more evenly. I was really impressed at how well the smaller, more detailed bits of the stamps transferred. I really like the stamping polishes too, at £4.99 for 12 mL they're great value for money. Although I enjoy doing nail art free-hand, stamping comes in very handy when I am in a rush or for intricate designs that I would struggle to paint neatly with a brush.

You can see the full range of plates and polishes and get your own stamper and scraper from the MoYou Nails website. There are loads of plates to choose from but some of my favourites are 128 and 129 (shown above), 214 (really cute animals!), 120 (Christmas), and 118 (French tips). 

If you have tried any of MoYou Nails' stamping plates or polishes then leave me a link to your blog post below - I'd love to see! :)

You can read my review of two other MoYou Nails stamping plates here.

*Sample - provided for review.

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  1. I really love how the chevron mani came out, the plates are really great and the patterns are super useful to achieve professional looking manicures!