Monday, 27 October 2014

Pumpkin Nail Art Tutorial


I have been so busy lately that I am only just getting round to doing some Halloween nail art! Today I have got a tutorial for you and in a couple of days I have something quite crazy to show you, fingers crossed it works out as planned though!

So, the Halloween tutorial for today is a pumpkin, it's really easy to do with only 5 steps involved. The main colours used are O.P.I's 'Bouquet of Violets'* and Essie's 'Fear or Desire', both of which you can get from Unineed at nearly half the RRP! The colours I associate with Halloween are orange and purple, and as purple is the 'in' nail colour right now I am killing two birds with one stone!

1. Paint a base of O.P.I's 'Bouquet of Violets'.
2. Paint an curve using Essie's 'Fear or Desire'.
3. Mix a small splodge of 'Fear or Desire' with white, and another splodge with black to make different shades of orange. These are used for shadows and highlights. Use a small brush to draw stripes on the pumpkin using the two shades.
4. Use a small brush to add a square of Barry M's 'Key Lime' to the top of the pumpkin.
5. Use a black nail art pen to draw three triangles for the cut-out eyes and nose.

If I'm honest I think the pumpkin looked much better before I added the eyes and nose, they look too dark, maybe I should have used grey instead?

O.P.I's 'Bouquet of Violets' is really pretty, it's quite a vibrant purple which I love because purples usually disappoint me - they're nearly always darker than they appear in the bottle, fortunately this one doesn't do that though. I'll add a swatch of it to this post in a few days time, I stupidly forgot to take a picture of it before painting the pumpkins over the top - duh! 

I hope you like the tutorial! Check back in a few days for the 'Bouquet of Violets' swatch, some more Halloween nail art with O.P.I polishes, and something a little bit different too!



  1. I really love your cute little pumpkin, with and without the eyes and the nose, but you made me very curious about the quite crazy thing you want to show us.

  2. Gorgeous nail art, I love the dimension you've given the pumpkings.

    I'm at / &

  3. This design looks great, the pumpkin is so cute! xx