Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I'm a 'Blogger of the Year 2014' Finalist!

You know when you can't stop smiling and every one that passes you must think you're a weirdo because you have an uncontrollable grin on your face? Well that was me this morning when I opened an email from The Bloggers' Lounge saying I was a finalist in their Blogger of the Year Awards! I couldn't believe it! 


The Bloggers' Lounge is a great website full of really useful posts for bloggers, I'm a regular visitor as I find it very helpful. Their Blogger of the Year Awards involve blogs of different categories and I'm a finalist in the Beauty Blogger category. You can see all the finalists from each category here where you can also vote for someone from each one.


Obviously I would love it if you voted for me and spread the word to your friends if you love my blog. If you have already voted then thank you so much, I really appreciate it! :) 

I already feel as though I have won, being picked out of so many applicants has made me feel so proud. Never again will I let myself feel down about my blog!

Voting ends 16th December at 5.30 pm, you can vote here, literally 2 clicks (no email or any other details are required). If you want to get involved or keep up to date then #BLAwards is the tag. Thanks again, and fingers crossed!

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