Saturday, 1 November 2014

Monster Nail Art (a bit of a nail fail...)

If you read my Halloween posts earlier this week you will know that I had something different planned for my last set of Halloween nails. I feel really bad actually, firstly because I said I would post these yesterday (I left my coursework until last minute so yesterday was far too stressful!), and secondly because the nails didn't turn out as planned and I'm very disappointed with them. So apologies if I got your hopes up, I hope you still like the idea though (especially the 3D eyeball) even if it didn't quite go to plan!

Usually Halloween nails are scary or gross, but I have put a bit of a twist on mine, I've made something scary into something quite cute (I hope!)...

I used a range of Barry M Gelly Nail Paints but for the antennas and ears I used pens to draw on my skin. I expected it to wash off after a couple of washes but it seems to have stained - oops!

I tried using MUA's Fur Effects for some of the monsters but it was quite patchy and it was difficult to paint the eyes etc on top of it.

3D eyeball
The reason I had such high hopes for this design was because I tried it a few weeks ago and it looked great (apart from the MUA Fur) so I decided to recreate them for Halloween. I wish I had taken photos of the first set though as I rushed this set due to having an assignment to hand in and they've ended up looking a bit rubbish. The only bit I am proud of is the 3D eyeball. To create this I used a single bubble of bubble wrap, stuck it to my nail with PVA glue and painted over it. The edges look messy but at a distance it isn't noticeable. I also tried out this 3D effect here for my Lady Gaga nails.

Here's a closer look at each of the nails...

What do you think then? Again I apologise for any disappointment. I didn't want to post these but I can't always be 100% happy with every piece of nail art I do. Either way I hope that they will inspire someone to recreate them and hopefully do a better job than I did! 

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  1. I think you nailed it, I like the original idea and this is perfect for Halloween. As you mentioned it is a scary yet cute mixture. I like it!