Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Soigné Nail Polish - Swatches & Review*

If you're a regular reader of my blog you will know how much I have been loving non-toxic cosmetics lately, so I'm very excited to be able to show you some gorgeous 5-free nail polishes from French brand Soigné.

Soigné polishes are known as 'botanical' as they are made of up to 85% plant-sourced, natural ingredients extracted from wood pulp, cotton, potato, corn, wheat and manoic - I find this fascinating! As well as 5-free, they are also cruelty free, and vegan friendly. You can read more about the botanical formulas here.

The three shades I have for you today are Glaçage Bleu*, Bleu de Gex*, and Chou-fleur Violet*.

L-R: Chou-fleur Violet, Bleu de Gex, Glaçage Bleu

The packaging really is luxurious. These would look lovely on my dressing table, they're too pretty to be stored in a draw!

Right, this is quite a long post but please bear with me, I'm very excited about this brand and you know I like to give very in-depth reviews! Here we go...

Bleu de Gex

I have been wearing this one for a few days and have had some compliments on it already. I like to wear this kind of colour all year round.
2 coats, no top coat.

Chou-fleur Violet

The-best-nail-polish-formula-I-have-ever-used. This is a very big deal. 
The colour is lovely too, it's very eye-catching and really brightened my mood when I put it on. It's actually slightly more purple than the picture shows (purples are so difficult to photograph!), the second picture is the closest but still not quite right. I'd say the colour shown on the website is a bit too purple though. It's described as a ''mulberry purple''.
2 coats, no top coat.

Glaçage Bleu
I love this colour, I know I'll be using it in some Christmas nail art with snowflakes and glitter! 
2 coats, no top coat.


The formula
Soigné polishes may be 5-free and be made up of natural ingredients but the quality certainly isn't compromised. I have already said that Chou-fleur Violet has the best nail polish formula I have ever used; the consistency is perfect, it applies so smoothly and dries quickly. I wore one coat of it with no top coat for three days and only just started getting tip wear on the third day. I would recommend applying a second coat though as I think the finish looks more professional when applied thicker. But for the frugal among you, one coat certainly is sufficient! I have been wearing Bleu de Gex for four days, two coats with a top coat, and there's no sign of chipping yet, so they're very long lasting. Glaçage Bleu and Bleu de Gex definitely need two coats as one coat is quite sheer. The brushes are wide which makes the application incredibly easy as they spread to cover nearly the whole nail, I felt like I had a lot of control over the brush too. Overall, they apply fairly effortlessly and the formulas and finish are high quality.

My picks

I love all three of these colours but I think everyone needs a bit of Chou-fleur Violet in their lives; the colour, the formula... it really is amazing. Looking at the other colours on the website I think Muscadine and Glaçage Turquoise look lovely too. I ordered the Fruit Marbles collection a few days ago after falling in love with the first three polishes, just look at the gorgeous packaging...

Picture source: Soigné Nails

It has nearly 50% off in the sale, I couldn't resist! It's a Christmas present from my boyfriend so he's keeping it hidden until then, I don't think I'll be able to wait though! I also ordered the Oxygen Base coat and a few polishes for my mum as she loved Chou-fleur Violet when I let her borrow it.

I'm so happy with these polishes, it's a definite thumbs up from me. I love the range of colours, the luxurious packaging, and the high-quality formulas. I feel much happier using polishes that are better for my nails and the environment too, and I think brands using conventional nail polish formulas have a lot of competition ahead.

You can view the full range of Soigné nail polishes on the Soigné website. Each polish is priced at £11.00, and there are gift sets available too. If you're liking the look of them then I'd recommend heading over to the website pretty soon as they currently have an "up to 50% off sale" on, I'm not sure exactly when it ends but I think it is within the next few days. You get an extra 10% off when you register too!

What do you think of Soigné's botanical nail polishes then? I'd love to know your thoughts on non-toxic cosmetics too. Leave me a comment :)

*Sample - provided for swatch and review.


  1. These are really pretty. I had heard of the brand but was waiting to see some reviews mainly to see how good the botanical formula was so it's great news that you loved the formulas. I like the look of the macaroon polishes but I'm also tempted by the create your own gift set thing too. Decisions! (ps I wish I had your nails)!

    1. Thank you! :) Have you seen the two new collections they have just added? Even more decisions now!!

  2. Your swatches are excellent! I've just purchased the Macaron + Paris collection after seeing how pretty they are in your photographs (+because their sale is just too good to resist!).

    Kerry x |

  3. I love everything about these polishes! The packaging, the colours <3 ! I need to try some!


  4. I am in love with the Bleu de Gex shade! It's great that the polishes are non-toxic too :) xx


    1. Me too, it's a great one for all year round :)